I don't believe that we are being told the truth in the U.S. about the recent Afghan election. What in the world would the Taliban be doing supporting Karzai? He's not in tune with them.

It has seemed likely that the U.S. wants Karzai replaced with a U.S. puppet. Karzai has been defiant of the U.S. and all its predator drone attacks on the Pashtuns. Karzai was against the U.S. drowning the poppy fields in expensive toxic herbicides (U.S. chemical suppliers stood to make a killing while the stuff doesn't really work well anyway and causes cancers and other diseases, as evidenced in Columbia), not that he was in favor of the heroin trade.

Karzai hasn't been pro-imperial enough to suit the Anglo-American-Israel Empire. He's been walking the razor's edge as a Pashtun.

Therefore, who is really behind the alleged election fraud and what really happened? Watch what happens to Karzai and who the Empire sticks in his place.

Why would parts of the U.N. be supporting Karzai and election fraud if not to stand against the global takeover by the Anglo-American-Israel Empire that at its heart is really evil Zionist now?

Don't just buy into all the stories being flashed about. Don't just assume that the Libertarians and Anarchists and Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists will have asked the right questions. It they aren't being censored, they aren't asking tough enough questions.

Now, the only other possible answer is that Karzai has made a backroom deal with the U.S. to be its dictator and that the U.S. has bought off the U.N.

We'll see.

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