This is a must-watch. It sums up much of what others and I have been saying and writing for years.

There is no doubt that the Neocons are evil. The video could only cover so much in a little over an hour and a half. It didn't touch upon the Zionist connection. It mentioned the British but not as a part of the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire. The information on the false-flag operations was very truncated and failed to mention Israel's attack on the U.S.S Liberty with President Johnson's full knowledge.

In addition, the film should have mentioned that the U.S. Military allowed a huge convoy to leave Afghanistan and also airlifted many Pashtuns to Pakistan all the while claiming that the U.S. was going to box in those same people. The U.S. deliberately left the Southern exit wide open to insure a long war.

I think the documentary did an exceptionally good job of exposing Halliburton destroying and wasting intentionally to drive up the costs so that they could claim a larger percentage as pure profit off the American taxpayer. Those profits are the "plus" portion of what is referred to as their cost-plus contract. The "plus" is a percentage of the cost, so the higher the cost via destroying and wasting, the higher the profit.

Do you think the Republicans who want to de-fund ACORN would stop all governmental contracts with Halliburton and other such corporate rip-off artists?

As for the $2.3 Trillion that went missing from the Pentagon, the announcement about that came immediately before 9/11 and was then completely overshadowed by that 9/11 "news" event.

Now, the U.S. went to war based upon a false-flag operation. The facts are there. Many, many brave airline pilots, architects, construction engineers, building-demolition experts and others have come forward to say that there is no way that the official governmental explanations for 9/11 are true. There has been a cover-up. There is no doubt about it.

The U.S. went to war for oil, gas, and pipelines for the personal, private wealth, power, and control of extremely evil men and their heirs who constitute a big portion of the coming global plutocracy.

The same thing that happened for the oil, gas, pipeline, and military contracts has been repeated for the finance capitalists on Wall Street only by orders of magnitude more. The financial meltdown was also completely staged for the sakes of previously strategically placed superrich individuals who don't give a damn about others whom they consider stupid for not being ruthless, greedy, violent, and willing to take whatever and create a military twofold more the child of hell than [them]selves if that's possible.

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