This is my reply to Morris's comment over on his post: "Muslims should thank the Jews for making them attractive."

I put it here to increase exposure of the concepts involved.

Morris lives in England, east of London I believe. He's in his mid-50's and is of Jewish extraction. Morris has a keen interest in how chemicals introduced into our bodies and general environment have altered hormonal balances, etc., that he correctly believes is contributing to a rise in homosexual and other aberrant behaviors. Most of us will be familiar with the news reports about huge numbers of inter-sexed fish never before seen in Chesapeake Bay for instance. It's just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, Morris did a video interview of an ultra-orthodox Neturei Karta rabbi who discusses how the Judaism of the Zionists is not Biblically well-founded at all. You may see Morris's video uploads and favorites over on YouTube.

You might want to watch this one in particular to start with if Google's YouTube hasn't censored it. It's not working as of the time stamp of this post. Google is part of the Homosexual/Zionist Movement in case you were unaware of that. Post: GOOGLE CENSORING THIS SITE: TRUTH, AMONG OTHER TRUTHS, THAT HOMOSEX IS A CHOICE, ALWAYS HARMFUL, AND ANTICHRIST

While the homosexuals used to decry how they weren't allowed to be themselves, they now work furiously to prevent others from being able to speak about the subject. They have their superrich banksters pulling levers behind the curtain. It's as obvious as obvious can be. It's called cause and effect. It's called knowing them by their fruit or results. We now have Barack Obama, hand-picked by the Bilderberg and other plutocrats, giving a major speech to the homosexuals saying that homosexuality is just as worthy as heterosexuality. Well it is not worthy. It is coming out from the dark side. Those homosexuals will find out that they are serving in ensnaring themselves in a trap of their own devising.

Morris placed that video as a "Video Response" to another video condemning Sally Kern's comments about the danger of the homosexual agenda on America. Now, Morris is over in the U.K., and I'm not a conservative, Republican, self-styled evangelical Christian, so Morris and I come at Sally Kern's remarks not from the typical ideology that the activist homosexuals love to use as if it's the only one opposed to homosexuality. Sally Kern is a state representative in Oklahoma. You can see the pro-homo video (and many others) denouncing her on YouTube.

Here's the one in question:

I don't know all of Sally's politics, but I would be hugely surprised if she agreed with me concerning true Christianity. Nevertheless, let me briefly sort out some of the errors in the various videos made against her position.

First, a representative does not necessarily represent all the people of a district in the manner suggested in some of the videos. She represents those who voted her into office. It is up to her once she's in as to the manner and degree to which she'll compromise on issues, etc. If she loses the next election on account of those who are pro-homosexuality "rights" having voted her out and voted in a homosexual, then those who voted for her will not have their views furthered in the state legislature for that district. That's the way it works. Would it suddenly become okay with the homosexuals that the anti-homosexuals don't have representation? The mundane system is inherently flawed. It's competitive. This is a huge subject that I won't attempt to cover more here.

Second, there is no doubt whatsoever that "sex education" contains those who are advocating for introducing ideas to the very young that many people believe are detrimental. Followers of Alfred Kinsey are extremely dangerous to the whole of society.

Here's a video that covers some of this: Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles . If that one doesn't work, try this: Watch what happens when the homosexuals become the fascists.

Third, the terrorism of the Oklahoma Federal Building and 9/11 was an inside job by those who are connected with both the Zionist and Homosexual Movements. Sally may not know that, but I do. Those at the very top of the inverted pyramid that will be turned right-side up and then leveled by this Second-Coming knowledge, know it too. That's why they are scrambling to censor and marginalize. They don't want an open and honest debate. Anyone who can't see that is hypnotized under the spell of those very movements.

Sally said that in her view, homosexuality is more corrosive to the social fabric and proper ordering of things than is the ostensible terrorist threat or Islam. Well, that belies some of her lack of fuller understanding, but she's not wrong that homosexuality is corrosive to the heterosexual family structure that should have been enhanced rather than further corroded by fracturing. Of course, fracturing is what Satan does.

Just look at the mind experiments conducted under contract by the U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Pentagon. They turned people into total vegetables and permanently destroyed their lives and memories of their histories with their loved ones just to learn how to do that on the microcosmic and then macrocosmic levels. Just look at the sick stuff the CIA had Donald Ewen Cameron and others doing to people:

Do Internet searches on "Rita Zimmerman" "Linda MacDonald" "Ewen Cameron" ....

There is no polite way to put it. The multitude of Ewen Cameron types were and are monsters. They were and are demons from Hell. They were and are sociopaths in need of exorcism. Their brains are dominated not by the higher, most evolved, most enlightened parts but rather by the predator centers.

Then look at Abu Ghraib and all the secret prisons (dark sites, aptly named), etc. Then ask yourself if you believe that people sworn to secrecy and trained to lie (CIA) are telling the truth that they aren't engaged in any of this anymore and won't start up again. The pattern repeats and repeats and repeats. The only way to end it is to end the secret agencies altogether. Get rid of the Pentagon. Get rid of the war making. Get rid of the selfish system. Get rid of the harmful system. Get rid of the Central Banks around the world. Get rid of usury. Get rid of sexual selfishness and all selfishness from within you, everybody on the planet. That's the one and only way, and it's Jesus's, whether the Theosophists want to claim otherwise or not. They are completely wrong.

Now for my specific reply (perhaps too long for a comment reply to be placed on Morris's post page):

I believe, Morris, that there have been minds down through the ages and especially early that were certainly less distracted by all the racket of humanity. Reflecting was easier. Very early on, work wasn't required. Jesus alludes to this. Be fruitful, multiply, and kill and enslave each other was not what God said.

As for organized religion, it occurs to me that perfection and God are one and the same and perfection is perfectly organized. The incorruptible is not in disarray in the least. Therefore, we humans ought to be organized to the same end and in the same way. It is only the rebellious against what is truly best for one and all who over throw the peaceful garden. They are self-centered as opposed to being simultaneously one with the whole of humanity as one soul.

I understand that under the liberal interpretation of Sharia, Muslims do not force conversion. On account of ambiguity in the Qur'an though, there are dangerously aggressive and belligerent interpretations. There is also a higher taxation on other religions that is decidedly akin to protection money.

Now, I understand that one could argue that the "protection" racket includes then attacking those who won't pay, but once someone is outside the protection of Islam, he or she is fair game. Such is not the case in real Christianity. Frankly, it isn't directly allowed in Torah Judaism either. Membership does have its privileges though. The question is whether it is blood or spirit that is the deciding factor. In my book, they need to reconcile both blood and spirit for righteousness across-the-board.

The prevalent Talmudic is another matter though, as you've seen for yourself with hyper-racist "settlers" holding with a wicked Jewish fascism/nationalism that is hardly different in spirit from the Nazism of the "Aryan race." The racist rabbis behind that movement are covered over by the more cosmopolitan Zionists who know that such talk from those rabbis being widely exposed will turn the American cash-cow against the originally atheistic Zionist Project.

Isn't it amazing how so many Jews are killing their protector, America. What will they do when Russia, China, India, and the Arabs don't have to do what America and the European powers tell them anymore, Armageddon?

Sharia is coercive. Under that law, homosexuals are punished, often severely and even to the death; however under Christ, the law is written on the heart such that the individual refuses to engage in homosexuality on account of its unrighteous aspects - selfish; detrimental to both the individual and others. Under Jesus, one never resorts to wrathful violence on others. Jesus showed what will happen when wrath comes when he cleaned the temple, but hard-hearts can properly interpret that he was saying to do that within each heart so that it won't happen from without and worldwide.

There is no doubt that one could do worse than Sharia, and that in many ways, the decadence of the "Western" world is trying to probe the depths of depravity again as they did in ancient Canaan and elsewhere.

Aleister Crowley discussed in his writings how the eating of the flesh of ritualistically sacrificed innocent children imparted huge power to the devourer. Of course, he's speaking directly to those he wanted to convert to insanity that is called sociopathy (Satanistic).

Crowley and his Secret Societies crowd are much larger in number than the non-initiates and lower ranks are allowed to know.

The reason why the alarms of many calling themselves Christians are not sounding louder in the ears of the population in general is because many of those "Christians" cling to traditional hypocrisy. The histories of their denominations, the actual events of which they do not often repudiate, speaks to many who would follow after Freemasonry and other Luciferian (rebellious against the real enlightenment) offshoots. It speaks of how "Christianity" is riddled with inexplicable error. Rather than sorting out the diversion from Jesus Christ's walk on the part of co-opters who came later such as Constantine I, many simply want to through out Jesus's teachings and exemplary life altogether and start over. Why waste time though, since starting at the root cause of pain and suffering is exactly what Jesus calls souls to do already?

He clearly defines that this worldly world is upside down and that the pyramid needs to be leveled: First is last and all serve each and all, etc.

The only thing standing in the way is selfishness and the short-term and fleeting gain for self apart from the enhanced understanding of God (the God of Jesus) and at the direct negative expense of others who would otherwise be our real spiritual and fleshly brothers and sisters. I put homosexual behavior in that camp of selfishness regardless of how much they protest that some of their ranks "love" each other. That "love" comes bundled with damaging spirits or demons, if you will, and consequently is not pure love. "Homosexuals: What they ignore"

Lastly, alcohol can inflame if used to excess. If you look into wine though, you discover admirable qualities. To preclude it even in moderation is a call to not overcoming. It is akin to requiring women to cover head to toe. Only on account of allowing the devouring spirit to enter into the heart does the natural, non-sluttish; non-contrived, female form inflame men. In the manner of the words of Jesus, it wasn't always so.

We need to return to wisdom. This is what the Freemasons say too; however, their vision of what is wise is not one I share in whole. They believe that it is our destiny. Well, it is; but again, it is not wise to attempt to drag error into Heaven.

Thank you for the conversation between our two websites, Morris. I look forward to truly fruitful dialogue.

Peace, love, and truth,



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