I had to do a radical edit on this post due to reasons explained in the remaining posts in this series. I was misled.

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT: Per : "14 Art Students, it has now been confirmed, were in the World Trade Center Towers with Construction Passes, Connection to Mossad Spy Ring."

"Art students" were arrested when they were caught dancing around celebrating the Twin Towers falling. They were spirited out of the country afterwards on orders from way up in the Empire. The local police and lower ranking FBI, etc., were dumbfounded. Those art students were following the Arab "terrorists" around. They were also visiting top Congressional and other offices apparently attempting to "sell" artworks with who knows what bugs implanted in them, etc. There was an FBI alert (by those who didn't know the inside story) put out about them at the time in fact. Some of them did turn out to be highly trained Mossad agents.

Now, before 9/11, there were tenants there who had said that they heard strange construction work going on, on and near the very floors that ended up being directly hit by the planes. They were told that there was wiring going on. The elevators were also being "worked on." It was all hush-hush though. There were also several evacuation drills during the week or so right before 9/11.

Now, those people had no business being there. Just look at them. They are not ordinary construction workers by any stretch. Their photos make them out to be obvious homosexuals and perverts too and perhaps inseparable – some kind of close-knit crew.

Who authorized them to have access to the Twin Towers where they actually lived, secretively!

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