I had to do a radical edit on this post due to reasons explained in the remaining posts in this series. I was misled.

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT: Per : "14 Art Students, it has now been confirmed, were in the World Trade Center Towers with Construction Passes, Connection to Mossad Spy Ring."

"Art students" were arrested when they were caught dancing around celebrating the Twin Towers falling. They were spirited out of the country afterwards on orders from way up in the Empire. The local police and lower ranking FBI, etc., were dumbfounded. Those art students were following the Arab "terrorists" around. They were also visiting top Congressional and other offices apparently attempting to "sell" artworks with who knows what bugs implanted in them, etc. There was an FBI alert (by those who didn't know the inside story) put out about them at the time in fact. Some of them did turn out to be highly trained Mossad agents.

Now, before 9/11, there were tenants there who had said that they heard strange construction work going on, on and near the very floors that ended up being directly hit by the planes. They were told that there was wiring going on. The elevators were also being "worked on." It was all hush-hush though. There were also several evacuation drills during the week or so right before 9/11.

Now, those people had no business being there. Just look at them. They are not ordinary construction workers by any stretch. Their photos make them out to be obvious homosexuals and perverts too and perhaps inseparable – some kind of close-knit crew.

Who authorized them to have access to the Twin Towers where they actually lived, secretively!


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    • Jonathan Elinoff (who has Jewish family), of http://coreofcorruption.com and who did the Core of Corruption documentary film, had the following to say about the video above in answer to someone's question on YouTube:

      ColoradoChange (4 days ago)
      The fact that they were doing construction illegally, the fact that they were living in there illegally, all without security knowing, they were connected to a spy ring that had bombs in vans on 9/11, that ring was following the cells in the attacks, they lived a block away from Atta when he was in Hollywood, they were living 2 blocks away when they were in Florida, they were filming the towers, this art student ring in the towers is connected to THAT ring, plus more. It's a big deal

      I made two minor-typo corrections in that. It was an informal, quick reply.

      No one is saying that all Jews or all Israelis are responsible for what the top Zionists and the top Mossad executives order done. It's really foolish for people to conflate atheist, political Zionism with all Jews. I don't, and no one should. Also, no one is saying that people of other races and ethnic backgrounds haven't done and aren't now doing horrifically wrong acts.

      Anyone who claims I'm focused against Jews as some blob or lump is mistaken.

      Peace and truth,

      Tom Usher

    • It will be my pleasure to post this site to the Anti-Defamaion League. I will also gratefully report this site to the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force). Never before have I seen such anti-Semtitic rubbish.

      Why would Jews (Mossad)participate in murdering office workers in buildings largely populated by Jews? Thanks to web sites such as this one, Jews have plent of trouble defending themselves from gentiles. They don't need to murder each other.

      You offer not a shred of empirical evidence for a prepsterous concept. New York is filled with Jews. Why would Mossad murder them?

      I don't know if you are a flamig Neo-Nazi or jsut a horribly confused truther. Either way, your comments are destructive.

      [See also: http://www.realliberalchristianchurch.org/2009/11...]

      • Please see: http://www.blogcatalog.com/broadcast/view/39806


        Did you re-read the posts in this series?

        I don't know how much involvement the Mossad had. There were two confirmed warnings 2 hours before the attacks that were issued to two people working for the Israeli instant messaging service in the U.S. called Odigo. How do you explain that? Someone knew something. That's far from the only example. In addition, there were many nations and ethnic groups involved in one way or another and to one degree or another. If you will bother to read my stuff, you will see that I have never even suggested that anyone should look at just the Zionists.

        However, you don't seem to be willing to admit that the Mossad ever deliberately does anything evil. Every so-called intelligence service for every nation-state (with the exception of maybe the tiniest perhaps -- much smaller than Israel) engages in wicked behavior. Surely you know this and should readily admit it.

        "Why would Jews (Mossad) participate in murdering office workers in buildings largely populated by Jews?" Why would a nation fight a civil war? There have been civil wars in the history of the descendants of Jacob. There have been lots of civil wars by many different tribes. The Jews are not unique in that. Why were there Jews in the Nazi high command? Why were there Jews, tens of thousands of them, throughout the Nazi military? You tell me. How many Jews died on 9/11? I don't know, do you? If you know, tell me here. I know some died. I know some were warned ahead of time.

        I already mentioned Odigo above. I'm also told that on 9/10/2001, Japan's Goldman Sachs branch warned American employees to stay away from American buildings. Why would they do that? Is it not true? If you know it is not, how so?

        Just because someone is Jewish doesn't make him or her automatically above deceit and treachery. It also doesn't make him or her automatically evil. The same applies to every nationality.

        Try to make the hate-speech laws stick on that. Try to make anti-Jew or anti-Semite stick on that. You can't do it because it's not anti-Jew or anti-Semite. I don't discriminate on account of Jewishness or Semitism. You're out of luck.

        I do discriminate on account of fascism, war crimes, crimes against humanity, collective punishment, illegal military occupations, ethnic cleansing, land thieving, and the rest of the acts of the absolutely reprehensible, totally demonic Zionist Project. Hey, I didn't and don't like Nazis either. I don't like fascism, period. I don't like sharia either. I didn't like the Spanish Inquisition either. If you don't like those things about me, too bad – tough. Take it up with God if you think you can.

        Yigal Amir assassinated Yitzhak Rabin. That's a Jew killing a Jew – a Zionist murdering a Zionist. How many Zionists murder Zionists each year in Israel? How many do it worldwide? You tell me.

        You know, you said you'd be happy to report this website to the Jewish Internet Defense Force. I'm a total pacifist, an anti-racist, and always condemn anti-Jewishness and anti-Semitism. What I don't do is conflate Zionism with Jewishness or Semitism any more than I would blame the whole of the Anglo-Saxon people for the acts of Tony Blair or George W. Bush. Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

        Also, no where has this website violated the terms of service of the providers unless free political speech is no longer the right of an American whose family goes back to the 1600's on these shores.

        It's interesting that you threaten me rather than even attempt to refute me with facts. Besides, the posts in this series upon which you've commented do not lay collective blame or guilt on any nationality or ethnic group or religion.

        It seems to me, Chuck, that you're opposed to freedom of political speech. I don't agree with your political views, obviously; but you don't see me threatening you with the "politically correct" police. I prefer to use facts rather then back-door bullying, intimidation, browbeating, and threats of economic hardship, etc.

        I don't buy what I don't want to buy or have in my house, but I haven't climbed on board the movement for boycotting Israel. That's because I know there are Jews in Israel who really don't know that the Zionist Project is inherently evil and racist.

        You know, it's comments such as yours that are proving the point that there are some Jews (just some) who give other Jews a bad name. Thank God, literally, for those Jews, many of them cited on this site, who are more interested in getting at the truth come what may.

        Do really agree with the tactics of groups such as JIDF? http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1037253.html
        It's all rather spoiled bratish isn't it? If you say something I don't like, I'll do computer attacks against you. Is that the kind of behavior you're supporting and promoting?

        Really, Charles, have you ever even bothered to look into any of this stuff, or do you just go by the saying "My country, right or wrong" and where your country is the Zionist Project?

        Do you want a list of Jews to read who don't buy into the Zionist Project propaganda? That list is really long and growing rapidly – rightly so.

        That video is largely text-based, so I suggest you watch it in full-screen mode.

        That's by Jews.