Okay, so this is Part 4 in the series entitled "Jonathan Elinoff." Jon is a member of WeAreChange Colorado. WeAreChange or We Are Change is an obvious answer to Barack Obama's oft-used term during is campaign "Change." For me, the term was already worn out before Barack adopted it. What I wasn't counting on was the generational ignorance that accompanies every up and coming generation (mine included). They didn't know what Obama's team was up to. They didn't look into the details; or when they did, they took much for granted, such as Obama's promise to vastly ramp up the war against the Muslim Pashtuns of what I call Pashtunistan (if the Jews have a right to nationalism, then why not the Pashtuns or the Lakota, etc.). Frankly, nationalism is a curse. Jesus came to divide those who know that away from their racist and ethnically bigoted siblings, parents, and offspring, etc.

Anyway, Obama's change has been very slight for the Peace Movement, of which I am a constant member. It has been only slightly more for the giving-and-sharing-all political-economic movement toward the kingdom of God coming to Earth. Jesus was and is a non-Marxist (that is non-coercive) communist, per his closest disciples in the Book of Acts, whom I term "Acts communists." Obama is for coercion of course, hence his only shifting the geographic locale where the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire is bombing the innocent to death with the guilty, unless just being born is a sinful choice of each and every soul born, in which case, the total destruction of the flesh of man (read humankind) is righteous.

That last bit is a Gnostic view that is an attempt to answer why there is inherent pain and suffering in this life. I don't subscribe, as I believe that existence in the flesh is not an anti-righteous statement on the part of every soul ever born. We in the flesh can move to righteousness without becoming incapable of being flesh. Flesh is not an inherently evil creation or device. The intent of the creation of flesh was not to bring forth evil. It is a plane of existence where opportunity is granted to learn right behavior and form.

  • In God's house are many mansions.
  • There is one God.
  • God gives life.
  • When the flesh dies, it gives up the ghost that is the spirit of the soul.
  • God is the sole arbiter over whether a soul exists.
  • Spirit ranges from God the perfect to Satan.

Those thoughts combined present a paradox that many are unable to grasp. God the perfect doesn't do what his left hand is up to. He stands opposed. This represents the spiritual struggle in which every soul finds itself.

Now, we are presented by the spectrum (the range from the perfect to its opposite) of good versus evil. We may toil in the middle or anywhere along the spectrum. We may be engaging up and down the spectrum. We may be seeking truth or knowingly working evil. We may be doing both at the same time, which is confusion. It shows our fractured souls to us.

So what does Barack Obama want versus what Jonathan Elinoff wants? Barack is a wind-tester. He sticks his finger in his mouth and then in the air to see which way he will go at any given level. He was a social-climber. He used this method to work the system to rise. He was something else on his way up from what he is now. He hasn't completely changed. However, he is not nearly the break from the pattern of Presidents that some make him out to be. Part of his rise has included doing what it took and takes to raise huge sums of money to buy his way to the top. He didn't do that by being an enemy of the greediest of the greedy. In fact, he works it so that he can allay the suspicions of the Rothschilds concerning his attitudes toward their Zionist Project while at the same time receiving their blessing in his working the angles against Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman.

Why do I say "Rothschilds" here? Lord Balfour addressed his infamous Balfour Declaration to Lord Rothschild. For those who don't know, Mayer Amschel Bauer (1743-1812) took the name Rothschild. It means Red Shield. It was the sign he used for the bank he started. Mayer formed by use of his sons the paramount family of usury the world has ever known. Their dealings and holdings are un-audited. They conduct much business in utter secrecy. They operate in the world in the open and also behind the scenes in a compartmentalized fashion such that there is no audit trail available to any mundane government in the world, including the United Nations and the Empire as most people conceive it. In fact, the richest person in the world is the final-decision maker. It is he and not Barack Obama who is the most powerful person on Earth in the worldly sense. His identity is known only to his immediate circle, which includes no one brave enough or capable enough to expose him.

Of course, as Jesus said, we know people by their results. It isn't difficult to trace back to the one who lives in stealth behind mountains of mammon. That's on the mundane level. On the divine level, that one takes his directions from the dark side that is greedy, violent, sexually depraved, and itself fractured and confused, having varying and mixed emotions, not knowing from time to time whether to wipe out this one or that group and actually doing so in an extremely arbitrary, thoughtless, callous, ruthless, wrathful manner that is far, far, far from the perfect end of the spiritual spectrum. He wipes out the innocent with the guilty.

That is what we as human beings are to rise above. We are also to never stoop to the ultimately hypocritical. Discovering and teaching about that is our proper pathway.

None of this is to say that God the perfect doesn't know what he is doing in allowing Satan free rein and reign over the worldly Earth. He does know what he's doing, and it is right. It is for us to learn what is right, once and for all.

Unfortunately, the people who hypocritically hate others (there is non-hypocritical hate of evil and apostate self) are the ones who dig out the most dirt. David in his Psalms repeats over and over the theme that people are looking hard for the worst in him, people who themselves are wicked, even while he admits to simultaneously being a faithful follower of God and at the same time a sinner. Jesus comes to straighten this all out, and he does if one is willing to see it.

So, who knows the most dirt about the Rothschilds? Those who are their biggest enemies, about whom by the way, the Rothschilds dig out and expose dirt. Well, what are we to do? The honest person will work to stop being dirty while the dishonest one will seek only to better conceal his or her evil practices to continue unhindered as much as possible (with the witting and unwitting participation of the rest of humanity).

Enemies of the top Rothschild bankers include real racists and ethnic bigots. They have dug the most dirt. They yell the loudest about the evil means of the private bankers secretly funding whatever they want, which ever war they want, which ever weapon systems they want, etc., etc.

We have those who doubt the Rothschild the most who believe that via vast wealth, the Rothschilds and their clique can purchase history. There is no doubt whatsoever that those who write the history books that are adopted in the schools do in fact control the future. The victors write that history. The Rothschilds were victorious in coming to dominate the wicked system of mammon that dominates all nation-states and all of the major supranational institutions.

We have the holocaust deniers. "Holocaust denial" isn't a well-defined term. Even openly wondering about whether or not the oft-repeated "six million Jews" figure is the most accurate reflection of what really happened is considered by some to be holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, and a hate crime punishable by imprisonment. I don't doubt that the Nazis worked huge evil. They did have huge concentration camps in which huge numbers died by all sorts of awful causes. I'm not a Hitler apologist (defender or justifier). He was unjustified. He was abused, confused, and fractured. However, so too was Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

In fact, we all have been subjected to temptation and have fallen to the wickedness of others who were subjected before us, ad infinitum, back to the beginning of wickedness that is selfishness that is confusion itself. We have all undergone the work of hardening that we are to overcome within.

The "Institute for Historical Review" is considered by many to be a holocaust-denial outfit (borderline?). It appears to have at its core a group of Germans (ethnically) who want the world to believe that Hitler was more justified than one would otherwise understand him to be. This does not mean that nothing that comes out from them is worth reading and considering. It does mean that at the same time, one reads and considers their opposition.

"Behind the Balfour Declaration: Britain's Great War Pledge To Lord Rothschild: THE MEANING FOR US," by ROBERT JOHN. Paper Presented to the Fifth International Revisionist Conference.

Also and unfortunately, the Zionists do not want this. They want it to be illegal to question the Zionist Project. What you don't see are the Rothschilds standing together in any numbers saying that intellectual honesty is most important. What you do see is an attitude that the masses are incapable. That's the attitude that's projected. It is not the truth though. The masses are capable; but more so, the Rothschild's in general know it. They use Gnostic, humanist, Nimrodain, Machiavellian, Hobbesian, Straussian (Leo Strauss neoconservatism, Zionism...) to keep down the masses even while projecting a final goal of raising all boats to the top.

These people want their cake and to eat it too. They want to be able to act with impunity — no responsibility, no accountability; it's completely acceptable to ethnically cleans others, but woe to anyone who does it to them or even complains that the Zionists, who are now becoming more and more religious about it, are doing it, which they most certainly have been and still are.

Hypocritical "Definition of Antisemitism," as interpreted from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights: Antisemitism in the European Union, by Antisemitism Reference Center of the ZionismOnTheWeb.org website

It's not the way to raise all boats to the top. The secret-society method is stupid. However, don't give positive credit to Helena Blavatsky and her disciple Alice Bailey with Alice's "externalization of the hierarchy" concept where the secret will come out into the open where Satan will be worshipped as the one and only God with the perfect God of righteousness disappearing from the minds of all human beings on the planet and beyond.

Before I go on here, let me explain that the Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians, as they are thought of in the main, do not understand where Jesus saying that what we loose or bind on Earth is what is loosed or bound in Heaven also means "as above, so below." They don't understand in terms of Gnostic beliefs the implications of Jesus saying that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. What I'm saying here is that not every statement of the Gnostics is incorrect. It is only when certain Gnostics start veering off into usurping the One who is the perfect God, not Satan, that they run into trouble. Jesus does not call down the wrath. He warns against it. He says it will come on account of evil. Look in the mirror.

"Alice Bailey & Master Djwhal Khul: A Satanic Communion," by Terry Melanson

Fighting Yah is an error. Yah is not what the Gnostics think. Their concept of Yah is a self reflection of what they don't like about themselves but are unwilling to see for its hypocrisy. Jesus is one with the spirit of Yah, the real one. Jesus came to expose the hypocrisy and to warn against it. He is heavily negatively criticized by the ignorant who refuse to read the scriptures semantically. Jesus is not what the atheists who hate him make him out to be. Jesus is the answer to David's dilemma above. He is the answer to all human strife. The Lucifer to come of the Theosophists is not. That one is "Do what thou wilt will be the whole of the law" that includes sociopathic self-licensing to take pleasure and sick power in giving fear, pain, and suffering to others who are "too stupid" to do that same first and always. It's he who is most wicked rules. However, Jesus teaches the exact opposite, something certain atheists and others just refuse to recognize and adopt (real Christianity) to their utter peril.

"Should We Admire Jesus?" by Jim Walker, suffers from an acutely literal reading. He misses all the relative language. He appears to be completely unaware of the semantical aspects of theology.

So, I've introduced here many wide-ranging ideas. What about Jonathan Elinoff, per se? If you will read the earlier posts in this series and watch/listen to the various videos, you will find that I felt built up concerning the "art students" in the WTC Twin Tower and then let down in terms of their direct connection with the Mossad. In other words, it felt too much like a bait and switch. There is a connection, but that connection could very well have been completely unknown by the particular "art students" in the WTC Twin Tower. Their larger group could have been an unwitting cover for a Mossad agent.

I don't want to diminish Jonathan Elinoff here though. He did finally emphasize the Mossad presents shadowing, or perhaps more, the ostensible Arab terrorists associated in the mainstream media with the 9/11 attacks.

To emphasize that (and to let the emphasis upon the "art students in the WTC Twin Tower" move back to the "no smoking gun evidence" realm), let me imbed here the segment of the TRUTH JIHAD RADIO show in which segment Jonathan Elinoff works to get at his point that the slightly wider "art students'" group (group of some 14 of which the "art students" in the WTC Twin Tower were members) was infiltrated at the very least by the Mossad.

Direct link

The whole show is here for those who are interested. Jonathan is interviewed in hour-2 of the show, so you may move the horizontal slider to the 1-hour mark if you don't want to listen to Webster Tarpley during the first hour.

Here's Jonathan's promised post about this. Please read that in-full. It's the only way for Jonathan to receive a full hearing. I don't agree with the way he began "breaking" this story (thinking that the place to start was with the Gelitin crew and their "The B Thing" art happening), but let's focus on what is actually known about the Mossad's involvement in the lead up to 9/11 and beyond. Let's not neglect that the CIA and MI6 and MI5 work closely with Mossad and against them too in a compartmentalized fashion, as Jonathan also apparently knows and emphasizes, as do I.

In fact, I had just written about how Obama can ignore all the so-called walls set up after the Frank Church Committee on the abuses by NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., then no sooner did I hear Jonathan talking about how the Plutocrats can do exactly the same thing, which is true. The top dark prince of this worldly world can reach into any branch of his worldly empire he wants and combine whatever elements from each that he wants. He isn't beholden to any human laws that say there are walls of separation forbidding him.

Obama in the manner of the Bush family is increasing the National Security State and Police State by merging the foreign and domestic spying and so-called law-enforcement (enforcement only against the bottom — never the dark princes of this world).

Here's the part that matters most:

Hanan Serfaty was arrested by DEA agents in connection to the Israeli spy ring. What makes him stand out, is that he was listed as being an art student who was apart of the World Views program, which was in the World Trade Center on floors 90 and 91 in the Lower Manhatten [sic] Cultural Council. Although he is not listed by Gelitin as a member of "The B-Thing," the listing of the identities of the other 14 students who were on floor 91 at the time was never released to the public, neither was the total list of those involved in the stunt which numbers at a minimum of 6.
Hanan was an "art student" who was a former Israeli military intelligence officer who rented two Hollywood apartments close to the mail drop and apartment of Mohammed Atta and four other hijackers. Serfaty was moving large amounts of cash: he carried bank slips showing more than $100,000 deposited from December 2000 through the first quarter of 2001; other bank slips showed withdrawals for about $80,000 during the same period. Serfaty's apartments, serving as crash pads for at least two other "art students", were located at 4220 Sheridan Street and 701 South 21st Avenue. Lead hijacker Mohammed Atta's mail drop was at 3389 Sheridan Street—approximately 2,700 feet from Serfaty's Sheridan Street apartment. Both Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, the suicide pilot on United Airlines Flight 175, which smashed into World Trade Center 2, lived in a rented apartment at 1818 Jackson Street, some 1,800 feet from Serfaty's South 21st Avenue apartment.

So, dwell on this. Hanan Serfaty "was listed as being an art student who was apart of the World Views program, which was in the World Trade Center on floors 90 and 91 in the Lower Manhatten [sic] Cultural Council." That's the closest tie-in of a Mossad agent having access to the very floors where the plane hit, not that it proves anything. Until anything further comes out about this particular person, it just adds to the circumstantial evidence that has become the preponderance of evidence that 9/11 was definitely a false-flag operation to some degree — an inside job.

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