Thanks to EuroYank for reminding us of that video. EuroYank is also routinely censored even though he is clearly not a racist or ethnic bigot. He and I don't see eye-to-eye on everything, but we aren't going to shoot each other to shut each other up. We aren't going to work to stop each other from being allowed to present our respective belief systems to the world. Tell the truth, as you believe you have it, but then let the people decide without disallowing others to have their say. Censorship after someone has refused to allow others to have their say is a different matter though. I'm not against that kind of censorship. I'm not against censoring pornography either. I don't mean the secular government telling people what they can and can't view. I mean people changing their hearts because pornography is detrimental, always (always).

Zionists want to retain a "Jewish" (as they define that) state. I'm not for nationalism along bloodlines or the Talmud or certain parts of the Torah, as misunderstood. I'm for the spiritline of Jesus Christ!

There are many, many, many Jews who are anti-Zionists. Many are "liberal" (not in the Isaiah/Jesus sense) and agree with coercive democracy dictating the promotion (far beyond tolerance and even condonation) of homosexuality, but their anti-Zionism nevertheless must, in my eyes, be seen as a credit to them. Perhaps they will see that the same forces working to censor them regarding their stand against the evil type of Zionism from Herzl and Rothschild, war, etc., are also the same forces working to disallow anyone from pointing out negatives concerning homosexuality. We shall see how consistent everyone will turnout to be. God alone knows at this point.

Pro-Zionists, pro-homosexuals, pro-capitalists, pro-militarists, and pro-imperialists do data-mining to see how one handles their issue(s).

They look to see how one handles the "Jewish question," which becomes more and more a question of how one handles all the questions, especially of homosexuality. The fact that orthodox Jews are gaining power in Israel is showing early signs of changing the dynamic, but I won't go into detail about that in this post.

The Zionist Project, which is less secular and less liberal (in the early-1960's -American sense) than it was at inception, is still stripping the Arab Palestinians who stand against certain aspects of the sexual libertinism inherent in the direction of the original Zionist Project.

In my case, there is so much that they all otherwise hate about me that it doesn't matter that I destroy their definition of anti-Semitism. If I only focused on one topic....

They want me banned so that, among other things, others don't start focusing in on and repeating the correct definition of Herzl's Zionism where that Zionism as used by the Jabotinsky-terrorist colonizers of Palestine and the Abe Foxman, super-Zionist types in the U.K. and U.S. is definitely not synonymous with Semitism (which includes all offspring of Shem) and where anti-Zionism does not necessarily have anything against Jews as individuals or as a collective people/nation or even nation-state.

It comes down to the policies and programs as designed and carried out by only certain Jews that determines whether or not one is rightly or wrongly opposed to them. It definitely doesn't require having anything to do with whether or not someone is ethnically Jewish or professes to believe or disbelieve any particular religion.

I believe in freedom of religion in that freedom of religion is completely consistent with Jesus's non-coercive approach. I do not believe that a religion that advocates and carries out coercion is good and right, and it is my "right" to say it openly without others censoring me for it. I believe in voluntary religion. Even using reactive evil means to stop other evil seen as greater is still not the solution. The solution is in healing the wicked. Satan needs the cure. Will the Lake of Fire purge him?

I don't care what people will say about that. They can "freak out" over it. It won't make it a wrong statement. He does need the cure. Whether he'll accept it or not is another matter. Also, there is Satan the essence of evil, and then there is Satan the confused spirit/soul manifest. Peter was Satan for a moment(s), per Jesus.

Certain Jews, as with all families when their population becomes large enough, are slippery about all of this. While other Jews, again as with all peoples when their population becomes large enough, are good at spotting them and pointing them out.

Jewish Rabbi: Zionists are Godless, Criminal Thugs:

Certain Jews took the wrong approach that was the Zionist Project using the European powers (also wrong) against each other in order to finally back one of those powers (Britain) to help it, Britain, "win" and then reward those Zionists with ill-gotten colonial power over part of Palestine to start, only to start.

What the slippery ones attempt to do (and they are slippery only for the gullible and naive) is move the meanings of words and drop from consideration anything not furthering their plainly evil agenda. Therefore, the fact that terroristic, violent, selfish, racist, ethnically bigoted, colonialism was the means for the self-reward of the Zionists who followed after Herzl is not addressed in legislative discussions especially in Europe concerning free political speech.

It is understood in the centers of power in Europe that Israel's creation was a European Judeo-Christian-Zionist colonial outpost, an Ashkenazic (elitist) foothold, against Arabs and Islam and that if that foothold is lost due to wholly righteous considerations, then those powers are diminished in their own imperial ambitions that are not in the least ultimately democratic or egalitarian in nature. They are selectively democratic and egalitarian. They are first and foremost elitist.

Their leaders, no matter the origins of those leaders (and this includes Barack Obama), are about being and joining the aristocracy. That's what Bill Clinton did. He is now a part of the wealthy elite. He got there by sucking up and caving in. He started very early. Barack Obama is following in his footsteps. Plenty of former Presidents fit the mold. Not one has been a true Populist, and in the final analysis, that includes even Andrew Jackson.

Now, that said, let me point out that Jesus voted for God in Jesus's heart. That's right. He openly stated that doing that is the right thing to do. Everyone should adopt it. Everyone should have the highest law written on his or her heart such that there would be zero greed, zero human-on-human violence, zero cruelty, zero sexual harm (physical or mental or spiritual), etc. That law results in egalitarianism. It's why Jesus is the first and last. It's why you and I ought to become one with him in that.

The currently upside-down pyramid of the elitist, secretive ones is to be turned right-side up and leveled. Hence, we will have no mammon, no usury, no banks or bankers, no loans, no repayment, and no taking, but rather giving and sharing in complete consistency with the spirit of the real God. We will agree to agree to do what is best for one and all at the same time. There will be no lying to get ahead. There will be no cheating. There will be no stealing, etc. There will be no divvying out the spoils of war or caravan raiding, a la Mohammed. There will be no land grabbing, a la Joshua. The kingdom of God will come to the Earth and make it new. Whether that Earth will be realized before or after your flesh gives up the ghost is for further edification. It is a process that will not end until accomplished.

I have written before that we are to be as harmless as doves and that that means that we are not to engage in confused behavior. Homosex is confusion. Moses was right about that. His prescription was Satanic though — taking God into one's own hands. He was hypocritical: less enlightened. Jesus showed it when he pronounced the enhancement of the law in his Sermon on the Mount and eliminated the hypocrisies from the whole of the law. He did not abolish the law. He fulfilled it.

Penises clearly do not belong in anuses. Nothing good comes of it at all — only further problems. It is a choice that no one should choose, just as are greed and violence choices that should be rejected as no real choices at all for the perfectly intelligent or those aspiring to Godhood with the God of Jesus Christ, which I do.

There are those who point out that doves are not always harmless to each other. Well, doves devour life too. They eat life that is provided them by God's creation. The naysayers completely miss the point. Doves, when not driven crazy by pervasive evil, do not attack human beings. We are to not drive each other to wrath. We are not to attack each other. We are to see and hear our way clear to unity and harmony. This is to be universal.

Universalism was a claimed goal of the Zionists, but they are going about it the hard way that ultimately, tragically fails over and over and over forever. This is because they do not grasp that the means are the end. You don't get to the end of warfare via warfare. You get to the end of warfare by ending the fighting. You don't kill off all those who make violence because to do so means your own death by another hand of death and on and on. The real life is for those who renounce that death. Jesus didn't take up that mundane sword. He took up the sword of truth that saves souls from falling to bringing forth death. Jesus is the spirit that does not fall to Satanism (death of the soul). Jesus prepared a different place in Heaven where Satan does not reside. Satan is in another place in the realm of spiritual existence.

We are human beings. We are not bees, Freemasons. It doesn't mean that we are to be indifferent to the bees. It means that we have our collective opportunity to become enlightened and be a blessing across-the-board.

Arguments are everywhere where people aren't dulled into a completely shallow consumerist, so-called "entertainment" stupor. It doesn't mean that the final answer isn't already in existence. I know that it is. The smartest scientists won't ask me to prove it. They know they are ignorant.

Now here's a real different take that you are not allowed to see or read in the mainstream, mass media in the U.S. However, before you watch it, let me say that I do not agree with the low number of 600-100 thousand Jews killed by the Nazis and neither to I agree with his origin of the 6 million figure. I'm not disproving him. I'm saying that I don't just buy what he's saying just because he's saying it.

In addition though, it is true that the German economy made a huge reversal of fortunes largely due to spending in the public sector out of tax revenues. The only huge mistake Hitler made was pumping up armaments for his war machine. That was hugely wasteful and an obvious temptation to use, which he did for all sorts of reasons that God alone knows in full.

I have openly advocated that the U.S. do exactly what Hitler did but without the military spending and murder, eugenics, etc. When will the people catch on? I advocate it only for those who cannot bring themselves to bring forth the translation of all mammon into the Christian Commons.

What the Jews (Zionist) Did to the Germans:

What that video doesn't mention is that some 3-5 million Germans may have died after WWII at the hands of those who sought further vengeance against them. Many people believe that Eisenhower was such a vengeful soul. It isn't commonly studied, so the full story has never come out.

The bit in that video about decadence is right. Jesus does not countenance spiritual decadence, decay, death, and the opposite of truth within the language of his revelation.

What the Zionists did was to weaken the Germans versus the British. The Marxist branch of the Zionists supported by big-Zionist money in the U.S. especially had already punished the Czarist Russians.

Then there is Alex Jones' latest documentary, "Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency of Barack H. Obama" (Part 1 of 14):

I don't agree that CO2 is harmless when artificially pumped into the atmosphere in huge quantities, as does Alex Jones. I do agree though that a carbon tax on average citizens is one of the dumbest ways imaginable to go about being environmentally beneficial. The Cap and Trade System is absolute greedy-capitalist garbage as is Exxon's approach.

If you will pay close attention, you will find that the loudest voices against the idea of Global Warming or Anthropomorphic Climate Change are coming out from Texas, Oklahoma, and Alberta (where huge, filthy, tar sands are deposited). You will note that Alex Jones is from Texas while Glenn Beck is a convert to Mormonism, from Alberta, and a disciple of the racist, fellow Mormon, W. Cleon Skousen, FBI agent, police chief, and JBS supporter, also from Alberta. This doesn't explain it all, but it explains much of it.

I first became familiar with Cleon Skousen because the soon to be impeached and removed Governor of Arizona, Even Mecham, was a devotee of Skousen's.

Glenn Beck is trying to reshape American history along a flat out falsehood that the founders were mostly Christians when they were in fact mostly guided by Freemasonry's absolute top-man in the U.S., George Washington.

Washington was not a Christian. He did not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, not even close!

That doesn't make Jesus wrong. It makes Washington wrong and shows Beck to be the intellectual, religious midget that he is. Of course, any follower of Joseph Smith can be none other.


What has Beck been pushing on his legions? "Leap," [Cleon Skousen's book, "The 5,000 Year Leap"] first published in 1981, is a heavily illustrated and factually challenged attempt to explain American history through an unspoken lens of Mormon theology. As such, it is an early entry in the ongoing attempt by the religious right to rewrite history. Fundamentalists want to define the United States as a Christian nation rather than a secular republic, and recast the Founding Fathers as devout Christians guided by the Bible rather than deists inspired by French and English philosophers. "Leap" argues that the U.S. Constitution is a godly document above all else, based on natural law, and owes more to the Old and New Testaments than to the secular and radical spirit of the Enlightenment. It lists 28 fundamental beliefs — based on the sayings and writings of Moses, Jesus, Cicero, John Locke, Montesquieu and Adam Smith — that Skousen says have resulted in more God-directed progress than was achieved in the previous 5,000 years of every other civilization combined. The book reads exactly like what it was until Glenn Beck dragged it out of Mormon obscurity: a textbook full of aggressively selective quotations intended for conservative religious schools like Utah's George Wythe University, where it has been part of the core freshman curriculum for decades (and where Beck spoke at this year's annual fundraiser).

Source: Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck's life

I'm not claiming to be the world's foremost authority in every category. Who would make such a claim? God alone knows all. I do though know when people have huge gaps in their understanding. Glenn Beck is such a one. What he's doing with such a megaphone as offered him by Rupert Murdoch (of Jewish descent and a practicing, professing, non-Mormon, Christian with Roman Catholic leanings) on Fox News is beyond the pale. Of course, Murdoch is reportedly a member of the Cato Institute, founded by Charles G. Koch of Koch Industries, the Big Oil, Big Gas, corporation and a supporter of Big Tobacco while it was lying through its teeth about the scientific link with lung cancer and other diseases.

What makes Global Warming and Big Oil and King Coal any different from lung cancer and Big Tobacco in this regard? Nothing is the answer. The same Libertarian, little-fry dupes are falling for the same B.S. from the same now multi-billionaires who Satanisticly, want what they can rape from the planet now and to Hell with posterity (your relatives and offspring).

As I mentioned above, Hitler did the right thing in spending revenues not on bailing out speculators but in pumping up the economic engine. He was wrong in spending it on military, but my point here is that the U.S. could have spent all the bankster-bailout money on good investments such as a national solar-energy system for one, where the energy could have been allotted free to the common people from their hard-earned tax dollars rather than doing the redistribution of wealth from the bottom up, which is the method of the greedy, hyper-selfish, robber barons of Wall Street who are definitely running the Obama administration.

Alex Jones though says that we owe our allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That's a shortsighted vision. He calls the American flag sacred. It is not.

I owe my allegiance to God and God alone as I have defined God on these pages. I'm working on it. The American flag is not God's banner. America is a Freemason state. It is not Jesus's Heaven come to Earth. It never was and never will be.

America is destined to fall but so too is the New World Order being built up right now.

Alex and his followers call for people to wake up, but they need to wake up all the way too. The U.S. Constitution is not the way of Jesus Christ. The American Republic is a secretive Mystery Religion, Gnostic, "Satan is the real God, and Yah is evil" device. It is an anti-Christ device. It was devised by aristocrats and aristocrat wannabees. Washington was the new Caesar. Hail Washington is what people mean when they honor Barack Obama as the American Caesar for his little season. Obama is not an egalitarian. He is not a Christian. He is not an Acts communist; whereas, Jesus's closest disciples and Jesus himself was and is.

The Founding Fathers are demigods. Look at all the statues and memorials that are bigger than life. Where in Washington is Jesus Christ celebrated more than is George Washington? Even the National Cathedral is handed over to Washington worship to a large degree. Look at all the hoopla over Dan Brown's most recent book, "The Lost Symbol." He got that idea from a man, William Henry, who calls upon Americans to pray toward Washington, D.C., as Muslims pray toward Mecca. Wake up!

The New World Order is about the destruction of the real meaning of the message of Jesus Christ that is completely anti-mammon. There is no free-market capitalism advocated by Jesus. That idea is a complete misreading of the parables. It comes out from those who don't know that Satan is the god of this worldly world and a son of man too when that spirit is manifest, which it is.

Jesus warns about the one who will come and give the wicked what they deserve, which is wickedness. Woe to the one by whom it comes. It's not Jesus in the Second Coming. Wake Up!

The spirit of Jesus will be consistent with the first Jesus Christ. He will win by speaking truth again, not by cutting people to pieces. They do that to themselves against his teachings and example.

Stop viewing Jesus as some future hypocrite.

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