Truth or Curse: "Destroy Them Which Destroy the Earth" (Revelation 11:18): My Commentary on the New Alex Jones' Video: "Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack H. Obama" (full video and play lists below)

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. (Revelation 11:18)

The John of the Book of Revelation (aka Apocalypse) was one of the twelve main disciples of Jesus and died around 98 A.D. Polycarp was the Bishop of Smyrna who knew John firsthand. Polycarp was his student, and in Smyrna, at the age of 86, Polycarp was burned at the stake for being a Christian. Irenaeus was Polycarp's close, personal friend. Irenaeus wrote that the Apocalypse was written by John, who was also at the time the undoubted author of the Gospel of John, although perhaps by scribal dictation, as was a widely accepted custom at the time.

Irenaeus wrote of the Book of Revelation that "It was seen no long time ago, but almost in our age, at the end of the reign of Domitian."

Eusebius wrote that Irenaeus "In his fifth book he thus discourses of the Revelation of John, and the computation of the name of antichrist: 'These things being thus, and this number being in all the exact and ancient copies, and they who saw John attesting to the same things, and reason teaching us that the number of the name of the beast, according to the acceptation of the Greeks, is expressed by the letters contained in it.'"

This said, the original Gospel document and Revelation if they are in existence on the Earth, are hidden from the general public if not hidden from all and yet to be discovered. Irenaeus had not met John, but he would certainly have learned about John from Polycarp. It would be a stretch to conclude that Irenaeus would come to a false conclusion concerning the authorship of a document (the Apocalypse) that alludes so strongly to the visions in both Daniel and Ezekiel within their portents and historicism.

Papias was the Bishop of Hierapolis. Irenaeus and Eusebius said Papias was a close friend of Polycarp. Eusebius said that Papias was "a hearer of John." Whether or not that was figurative, who's to say right now on this Earth but God? Papias was a millenarian.

Andrew of Caesarea, in the Preface of his, "Commentary on the Apocalypse," wrote, "In regard now to the inspiration of the book, we think it superfluous to extend our discourse, inasmuch as the blessed Gregory, and Cyril, and moreover the ancient (writers) "Papias, Irenaeus, Methodius, and Hippolytus" bear testimony to its credibility."

Justin Martyr was contemporary with Polycarp and Papias. He too was a millenarian, a believer in Chiliasm (Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years before the final "battle" of good versus evil in the soul of human kind and before the final judgment). Justin wrote, "And a man from among us, by name John, one of the Apostles of Christ, in a Revelation made to him, has prophesied that the believers in one Christ shall live a thousand years in Jerusalem; and after that shall be the general, and, in a word, the eternal resurrection and judgment of all men together."

The churches of Lyons and Vienne sent a letter to the churches of Asia and Phrygia around 177 A.D. The letter says of Vettius Epigathus, "For he was indeed a genuine disciple of Christ, following the Lamb whithersoever he goes." Rev 14:2 says, "These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth."

Thanks to Albert Barnes (1798-1870) and his, "Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible." Albert Barnes was a member of the New School (anti-slavery) Presbyterians in the United States.

From: "The Free Church of Scotland and American slavery: Substance of speeches delivered in the Music Hall, Edinburgh, during May and June 1846," by George Thompson, Henry Clarke Wright:

...from a sermon delivered within the last few weeks, by the Rev. Albert, Barnes of Philadelphia-a name well known and justly esteemed among the Christian churches of this country. He is a Presbyterian. What does he say ?-

"Let all evangelical denominations but follow the simple example of the Quakers in this country, and slavery would soon come to an end. There is not vital energy enough-there is not power of influence and numbers enough out of the church to sustain it. Let every religious denomination in the land detach itself from all connexion with slavery, without saying a word against others; let the time come when in all the mighty denominations of Christians, it can be announced that the evil has ceased with them/or ever ; and let the voice of each denomination be lifted up in kind but firm and solemn testimony against the system ; with no ' mealy' words; with no attempt at apology; with no effort to throw the sacred shield of religion over so great an evil, and the work is done. There is no public sentiment in this land- there could be none created-that would resist such a testimony ; there is no power out of the church that could sustain slavery an hour if it were not sustained In it." [emphasis added by Tom Usher]

So, what does it mean

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. (Revelation 11:18)

in terms of the Alex Jones' video, "Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack H. Obama"?

It means that Alex Jones better stop claiming that excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) pumped into the Earth's atmosphere as a result of the unmitigated burning of carbon as fuel isn't harmful to the Earth's ecosystem because to claim that such burning has no negative impact is antichrist and anti-God and evil. It comes out from the dark side regardless of any stupid Cap and Trade tax scheme, and it is an extremely stupid and shortsighted scheme. Taxing people to comply is wicked. Taxes are wicked, period. However, that level of theological understanding requires prerequisites I won't go into here.

Now, Alex Jones' video whether willfully or ignorantly or both, suggests that people who believe that there are greenhouse gases and that carbon dioxide is one of them, do not somehow understand that the Sun has anything to do with weather and climate on Earth. It is wrong and dumb to suggest that, Alex. Anyone with half a brain knows full well that the Sun has plenty to do with weather and climate on Earth. So too does the Moon, with its gravitational impact (tides, etc.). The ocean's currents do also, with El Nino and La Nina ( Also, volcanic eruptions, chemtrails, deforestation, and many, many other things are variables where the weather is concerned. Not all of them have been identified. I can assure you that spirit can have a very direct hand in it as well. In fact, spirit underlies it all anyway.

No knowledgeable Global Warming believer is unaware that CO2 is breathed out by humans and in by plants during the day. We know about that, Alex. However, Alex, too much of anything is just that: too much. You would die in a CO2-only chamber lacking direct intervention by God to the contrary. You are made of plenty of water, but under common, present circumstances, you need dry land or a boat, don't you, Alex? All the elements and forces have their time and place. It isn't static, but it does require a balancing for certain things to take place and to last.

Alex, you are making a leap from those who care about the environment, per the Golden Rule and New Commandment and the two Great Commandments, to the assumption that "tree huggers" are inherently anti-humanity. They are not inherently anti-humanity unless you want to lump Saint John (the Evangelist, the Divine, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ and the brother of James the Great and the author of the fourth Gospel, three epistles, and the Book of Revelation) in with those who are anti-humanity and also unless you want to lump Jesus Christ himself in with those who are anti-humanity. Don't do that. Stop it.

God loved his Cedars of Lebanon before they were destroyed by evil, shortsighted human beings. God loved his fifty million Buffalo. He loved his flocks of birds that could block out the sun by passing over head for hours. He loved his pristine oceans that are mistreated as a refuse dump by many of the very corporations you often rightly despise for it.

Alex, listen, Exxon Mobil Corporation was sitting with Dick Cheney when Dick was carving up the spoils in Iraq and the Middle East even before 9/11. Do you understand that? Do you understand the implications what with everything that has happened and Exxon's statements and lack there of? Yes, you do. Now please dwell on it until it sinks in permanently so you stop losing sight of it.

Exxpose Exxon
History Commons
Energy Task Force Controversy

Fall of the Republic - The Presidency of Barack H. Obama - The Full Movie in High Quality

You may also view it in parts (Play List) if you want to be able to break away and come back easily to watch it in bites. Just go to my YouTube channel. Look in the right column to click on the first part in the series. Once the first part is playing, you may turn off auto-play if you want by clicking on the "stop" link also in the right column.

You might want to look into "Meltwater pulse 1A."

One of my YouTube Play Lists: "Climate Denial: Crock of the Week," by Peter Sinclair. I appended that Play List to the Alex Jones Play List above too.

Now, all of this said, I wrote on this site long before the recent "revelation" about the surface area of the Earth supposedly not warming that the scientists would be dumbfounded by the failure of their modeling. What I did not mean by that though was that it would apply to only one side of the various "scientific" debates. All sides will end up having been completely dumbfounded.

Here are the Global Warming deniers gloating: "What Does the Last Decade Tell Us about Global Warming? (Hint: the 'skeptics' have the momentum)," by Chip Knappenberger. Climate Change Fraud. September 28, 2009.

However, here's food for thought about that: "Short-term declines in global temperature predicted by GCMs," by John Bruno. Climate Shifts. July 5, 2009.

Here are two of the scientists who are in the forefront of the AGW Movement:

Frankly, one must admire Mojib Latif's honesty. He gives the data as it presents itself to him. He doesn't try to paint a false picture with the data. He doesn't manipulate it for effect. That's good.

He is then misinterpreted by the Global Warming deniers; and they are Global Warming deniers. What other name would suit their position better? So what if it brings to mind holocaust denial? That will wear off. A denialist is anyone who denies whatever the position is that is being denied. There is nothing wrong with that as a descriptor. Don't let it bother you. I don't deny Global Warming. Neither do I deny temporary cooling trends. I also don't deny that sudden new variables can present themselves to change things in the short term and long term.

Let me give some credit to Alex for saying that we all want (should want) to breathe clean air and to drink clean water, etc. He also deserves some credit, and gets it from me, for saying that the corporations have co-opted the Environmental Movement. Well, they haven't completely co-opted it and won't; but Alex's point is still valid. The utterly wicked Monsanto actually had the audacity to claim the Green Movement. One realizes that they had their Frank Luntz (the neocon, professional word-twister) moment with that one. Steal the term and twist is to your wicked ends, just the way the homosexuals have attempted to do with the perfectly good word "gay" that has nothing whatsoever to do with being the dreadful thing called homosexual. Yes, Jesus is not a homosexual and neither does he condone or promote it anywhere. Neither does he allow unrepentant or practicing homosexuals to remain with the body of his Church. Wake up! It's harmful choice.

Okay, so that deals somewhat with the environmental-spiritual concerns I have with Alex's film and general position. Let me now move on to some other topics but more briefly.

Illegal Aliens:

This is an awful position that the "Constitutionalists" hold. It is akin to those who stood against the Freedom Train of the abolitionists. Yes, people sneak into the U.S., and that's against the mundane law. However, the divine law says that any mundane law that serves to kill the common people, the poor, the needy, who are otherwise doing nothing against others, is unlawful.

Are there criminals of a different nature who sneak in but to do harm? Yes, but deal with them and not the poor who work hard and don't make trouble. Don't lack pity on the little, innocent Mexican children. Many of their ancestors were kindhearted, and many of their parents now here in America are loving, generous, gentle people who never have been a problem for Whites. Please, read your Bible. Even the Great King David prayed openly that the king would protect the poor and serve the needy.

The Race Card:

Oh, former President Jimmy Carter stands up to the Zionists, Alex. He braves it for the Palestinian children. Of all the former Presidents, he is without the best ever in terms of having a heart for the downtrodden. He makes some mistakes in his backing different people, but he leans way over to the correct side relative to the other living former Presidents and the sitting President.

He wasn't speaking a falsehood that there are many, many racists who will say pretty much anything against Barack Obama whether true or not. However, Barack Obama stands apart from Carter even when Carter speaks the truth. No, I don't agree that the bulk of the "Patriots'" criticism of Obama comes out from racism. I do not count you, Alex, a racist or ethnic bigot. I do believe you have a compassionate heart and want the world to soften, even though you are dancing a dangerous dance vis-à-vis guns.


Beat your swords into plowshares and your spears into pruning hooks. That's the right advice for this world. Isaiah didn't know everything Jesus knew, but Isaiah did call for all the peoples of the world to turn to righteousness. He did know about the wrath of Satan, who is still the god of this world. The plague did hit Israel's enemies while Isaiah was the top prophet.

Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and to the Republic:

I dealt with this a couple of posts ago. I do not owe my allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and to the Republic. I owe my entire being to God (not Satan) and to God alone, with whom I move to join and never attempt to usurp, which attempt would be ignorant, harmful, and futile. The U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Republic are the lessers of evil relative to many alternative errors; however, none of them is the perfection of Heaven that I seek to bring here to the Earth. All your followers and you should hole the same position.


You didn't mention it, which is strange to me. Perhaps you intend to do that in the next part of the "Fall of the Republic" that you mentioned. You didn't mention lots of things, but I understand there's only so much time in a day and you don't have the resources of Steven Spielberg.


You are completely correct that Barack Obama did the awful and typical political thing that is lie to get elected. The people are fools to accept that as part of the required process. He did lie about the signing statements (that, by the way, haven't been challenged at the Supreme Court level that I'm aware of). Those statements aren't law. They don't allow him to violate the law. It's just like the FBI letters that seek to dupe people receiving them into thinking they have to adhere to them. They aren't worth the paper they are printed on. No one is legally gagged by the FBI when the FBI asks anyone to violate the Constitutional rights of anyone else. I like the sign that says, "Come back with a real warrant." Of course, as a Christian, one allows the FBI to do its evil (with warnings against it) so that the demon-possessed who refuse to turn to God to have the demons exorcised will not later be in Heaven.

Obama did lie about not hiring lobbyists. He did lie about not increasing taxes on those earning less than $250,000.

Public Relations/Propaganda/Trance:

Lastly though, you, Alex, use all sorts of dark music and unflattering photos. You talk against the psychological manipulation (emotional manipulation) but engage in it in spades. Entertainment value (entertaining to the Hollywood-movie goers) is at the expense of production value.

That's it for now.

Peace, love, and truth to one and all in the universe,

Tom Usher

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