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Oh God, Judge Richard Goldstone, born and raised in South Africa, is a Jew and a Zionist who believes that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state. To Hell with the Palestinians who still have their skeleton keys hanging from their necks. The Jew's right is greater then the Palestinian's, is that it? Such nationalism is racism and ethnic bigotry. It's hogwash!

Also, what is this about "thousands of rockets" being fired into Israel. Does Goldstone actually expect us to be ignorant of the fact that their were only some 11 to 14 rockets fired over a period of many months and not all by Hamas and that it was Israel that incurred into Gaza to still destroy businesses and homes and that it was Israel that reneged on the deal to allow imports into Gaza to resume to normal levels?

The tons of goods allowed into Gaza were down to only 20-15% of normal even after months of Hamas doing its best not to retaliate against Israeli very heavy-handed abuses at checkpoints, etc. Also, during the huge lull in fighting by Hamas, Israel was planning their Cast Lead operation.

Frankly, Richard Goldstone only stinks less than the fascist, Zionist, Likudniks in Israel egged on by the even more insane ultra-orthodox Talmudists of the Pharisaic variety, whom Jesus Christ rightly denounced for their utter hypocrisy and evil deeds that included putting the Romans up to crucifying him. Much of what Goldstone said still stinks to high Heaven though.

Of course I'm applying a very high standard. That's on purpose. We have been living with standards that are completely too low, absolutely unacceptably low.

In addition, Goldstone may be correct that the United States military has done less in the way of the Zionist approach then have the Zionists; but he is completely misreading the situation on many fronts by holding that the U.S. has not committed outright war crimes and not just "good faith" mistakes for which it has apologized. The entire war on Iraq was built upon a pack of known, deliberate, damn lies after all, and that's just one instance out of hundreds and even thousands of out right crimes.

Goldstone at least admitted to having been naive. He sure was and still is or is a huge intentional liar. Why though he still doesn't understand the world revulsion to Zionism, per se, as it has been carried out and not as it has been portraying itself in its own propaganda, is beyond me. He just doesn't get it. I think he thinks he's being sincere for the most part, although I sense internal hedging from him when he speaks about Zionism.

Bill Moyers too is spewing the propaganda when he calls the U.N. biased against Israel. The U.N. was no different toward Goldstone's Apartheid South Africa at the time. Israel is simply sticking out like a sore thumb. Where else in the whole world is there another Gaza crisis running for decades? There is none. There are sore spots for sure, those ought to be dealt with; but Gaza and the West Bank is the worst of the worst, and it's the Likud's fault along with American and other Zionists.

Moyers falsely claims over and over that Hamas was firing thousands of rockets into Israel. It was not. It's a lie. The thousands of rockets were many months earlier. He's being deliberately selective in leaving that part out, which he definitely knew about before he said it more than once on his show.

Israel antagonized Hamas. The rockets that finally came did so after Israel's deliberate provocations. Moyers knows it. He's sucking up to money.

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