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Also, it's been confirmed by former CIA that the agency has been involved with the Jundullah terrorists against Iran: supporting them, etc. The Jundullah's leader's brother has confirmed CIA funding as well. There really is little doubt.

Why wouldn't the CIA be dealing with a major source of destabilizing Iran? We don't spend $30+ billion a year on the CIA for them to be nice people around the world. We pay them to be the frontline spies, etc., of the imperial project for world domination.

By the way, watch for desperation to set in at the Pentagon and rest of the Military-Industrial Complex. They are going to need much more warfare to dig the US out of the debt hole using the spoils of war. They are going to have to become much more ruthless or lose.

It's either that or move to supranational, corporate-dominated government much faster: One World Government; aka, The New World Order. Then the superrich will just be world citizens and to Hell with the former USA as superpower.

Which way do you think they'll go, or do you think the world might turn in a completely different direction from plutocracy?

Press TV /Fine Print/Jundullahs recent terrorist attack in Iran/ 26 /10/ 2009
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