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This is a touchy area, but Canadian Paul Jay directs it so Colleen Rowley can say the right thing that without getting at the root causes and real truth, the real fix can't be made.

We must have a new, thorough, crime investigation of everything leading up to 9/11 and what unfolded thereafter, which includes the why and how of both Afghanistan and Iraq and so much more — too much to even begin to list here.

We need the youth to become stirred by this and not hollow phrases and terms such as "Change" and "Yes We Can." What change, and we can do what? Words are cheap.

Where's the action? Where are the promises kept? Where's the digging by the youth for the deepest truths?

Barack Obama is in the pocket of the bankers. Face it. It was obvious before he was elected. He never should have been the choice. He's to the bankers what George W. Bush was to the oilmen.

Where's striving for a meaningful philosophy of life?

9/11 Redux Pt3
Former FBI agent Colleen Rowley discusses still unanswered questions about the lead up to 9/11Yesterday at 1:10am

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