"What Are They Hiding From the American People"

Panic at the Fed: Audit Will Show What They're Hiding - 7/30/2009
In this speech to Congress, Ron Paul refutes Ben Bernanke's interpretation of HR 1207, the bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

From my comment over on Facebook:

The capitalist invisible hand is garbage, and I don't agree with Ron Paul on many, many things; but the Federal Reserve is a nightmare. It is private bankers making everyone else pay them interest where the U.S. Government never needed to borrow a dime from anyone ever. It was one, huge, trick that definitely needs to be overturned and will be if the youth of the nation will wake up.

We never needed Federal Reserve Notes. United States Notes were vastly superior and could have been vastly improved.

We don't need mammon backed by anything such as gold either. That's just another trick from the bag of the same people who have brought in this utterly thieving system where the greediest of the greedy at Goldman Sachs tell the government how to run the economy while people are lining up at soup kitchens that are running out everyday before everyone, children included who once had homes their parents could have afforded had the crooks not screwed them but now live in storage containers and Hoovervilles, have enough to eat when there is plenty of food in the world and there could easily be more if we ran things right for a change - a real change, not the complete bull coming from Obama who is in the pocket of the plutocrats, his masters, who think the vast majority of everyone on Facebook is fit to serve them and not the other way around at all.

The amount of money in circulation could match real productivity needs perfectly such that there would be zero deflation, zero inflation, zero taxes, and such that the United States could easily become a much better economic engine while providing full employment in purely beneficial and bountiful work. We could have all the free non-polluting energy we could possibly need short of turning it all against itself to destroy the known universe (it wouldn't work anyway).

If they had done the right thing a year ago, there would be full employment now and no foreclosures.

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