Many Jews in America are thoroughly trained Zionists. Many are trying to come off as the J Streeters are trying. J Street, as you may know, is a lobby of "moderate" and "liberal" Zionist Jews in the U.S.

I don't like it ore buy it because it is still Zionist.

Goldstone (of the famous Goldstone Report to the U.N.) is a good example of the type. He's a Zionist even though he condemned his fellows for what they did.

It just makes them mad that I won't cut any slack for the Zionist Project. It never should have been, and it is all the more terrible for the holocaust and the late date in the world for such old-school hyper-nationalism.

There is no moderating or liberalizing it. The Zionist Project is illegal. They declared their so-called independence before the U.N. actually blessed them, not that, that would have been "constitutional," so to speak. It wouldn't have, as it would have been a clear violation of the U.N. Charter that also was written to protect the Palestinians from just such land grabbing.

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