I left the following over on the Against the Organic Farming Ban group on Facebook.

"Andrew Jackson" added below: Against the Organic Farming Ban: The same people who want to ban Organic Farming also want to charge you tax on what you exhale. The hope lies in the EVIDENCE against these fraudsters:

Then he added a link to a Facebook group called "CLIMATEGATE IS REAL."

My reply is in a comment to this Wall post.

My reply is that his thrust is not true. It is definitely not one-for-one, not even close.

Many people who want to ban organic farming are anti-environmentalists from the get-go. The people who care the least about organic farming are the people who love King Coal and other such dirty fuel suppliers who do everything they can to block clean-air measures.

Coal is doing mountaintop removal. Oil is spilling all over the place still causing major worldwide contamination.

What's with the libertarian-capitalist types who nearly always only look at one side of every issue? They want to conflate environmentalism with evil, global dictatorship.

We can be for organic farming; against dirty fuel; for making sure humanity doesn't tip the balance on carbon in the atmosphere; and against Cap and Trade, regressive, carbon measures that were dreamed up by greedy Wall Street types, not environmentalists.

Let me tell you, Alex Jones is not first and foremost an environmentalist, and organic farming is environmentalism all the way, by definition!

Americans who believe Global Warning is down from a high of 80% to 72%. Certain libertarian-capitalists are getting to them. However, Al Gore is still not wrong on this issue.

Watch him again and pay close attention to the fact that there are oscillations (hot spells to cool and cold spells and back again well short of ice ages) all the time even while the atmosphere has been heating up over the long run and has increased over the last several decades especially while the libertarian capitalist were complaining about the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act and restrictions on strip-mining and clear-cutting and on and on and on and on:

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