Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was a tract purported by most Jews to have been plagiarized likely by the Russian secret service under the Czar and from a work by Joly written against Louis Napoleon of France, whom Joly and others rightly considered a dictator who employed many if not all of the Machiavellian tactics outlined in the Protocols. The Russians reportedly embellished it and twisted it to become a seeming statement by those of the current Zionist spirit.

Here's a short take of mine on the subject:

Whether or not the shoe fits is a question for each person to discern who reads the Protocols and assesses the history of Zionism and certain sectors of the banking industry one might call Zionist. Many people who doubt the authenticity of the Protocols hold that the shoe does largely fit. Of course, it there were no parallels, the Protocols would be laughable and no Jew simply and safely couldn't shrug it off without fear.

Blood Libel

There are two main themes in the concept termed by certain Jews, "blood libel." One concerns matzo balls, and the other concerns the murder of Jesus.

Matzo Balls

This is the idea that various Jews were caught centuries ago in Europe murdering Christian children and using their blood in matzo balls.

The Old Testament contains a clear Jewish prohibition against eating blood. In the New Testament, James the brother of Jesus also worked to retain that prohibition for the Jewish Christians and Gentile converts made by Paul and others.

Whether or not any Jews have ever eaten blood, it would be stupid to insist that none ever did.

Whether or not any Jews ever used the blood of Christian children they murdered in that manner, we don't have any proof either way. Do people who call themselves Christians and/or Jews lie? Yes they have. Do many of the same to this day whitewash evil deeds? It is clear that they do. Does that prove that Jews didn't do such a wicked deed with the blood of Christian children they murdered? No, as I said, it doesn't prove or disprove it.

Murder of Jesus

The Jews like to focus on that first kind of "blood libel." They will usually only pull out this next form if and when the Gospel record is mentioned in which that record states that Jews of the highest mundane rank were responsible for the crucifixion of the innocent Jesus.

It's clear from the Gospels that the Jews conspired to have Jesus murdered by proxy (the Roman Empire) and succeeded. They also paid a heavy price leveled upon them by the loosed Satan (Roman wrath) for having ignored Jesus's message and for having done what they did to him.

Illegal Organ Trafficking

New York/New Jersey

In New York and New Jersey, a ring, including a number of rabbis, was uncovered making a fortune off buying organs low and selling them high unbeknownst(?) to the donors and their family members. There's a great deal of background to the story I won't go into here. It's readily available on the Internet.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum is the Orthodox Jew of Brooklyn, New York, who was apparently the ring leader concerning the organ-trafficking aspect of the wide circle of corruption in which 44-total were arrested. The FBI says that Rosenbaum bribed many in both Israel and the U.S. where the organs were sold.

Now, has anyone alleged that Rosenbaum's ring was involved in murder for organs? I'm not aware of anyone making any such claims. Is this the lowest any Jews will stoop? Well, just look at the rain of white phosphorus bursting from the Israeli helicopters onto the Palestinians below that the IDF denied having done until they realized they couldn't get away with the lie. Long before the denials when I first saw the videos of the attacks, I instantly knew what it was after having seen the exact same thing the U.S. did to Fallujah and also denied - birds of a lying feather flock together. The Pentagon and IDF (Israel Defense Forces) are consummate bungling, dastardly liars whether or not some 80% of my fellow Americans are sick enough in their heads, hearts, and souls to admire the U.S. military. To Hell with the U.S. military and all militaries and such warriors across the whole of existence. To Hell with war. To Hell with crime. To Hell with lying.

It was almost unimaginably stupid of the Israeli's first to use the stuff in that illegal way and then to lie to the world, which clearly saw that they had done it, that they were innocent of having used the material in that illegal way. How does one thereafter trust an impeached, self-incriminated, unrepentant witness?

Here's a link on the organ trafficking:

Here's a link that mentions a number things, not the least of which is the use of the white phosphorus:

IDF Organ Harvesting

Now, after the things above, Donald Boström, a Swedish journalist, wrote a piece reporting on the long-held suspicions of many in Palestine that the Israelis had illegally harvested organs from those the IDF had murdered (regardless, all IDF killings of Palestinians over stolen land is murder).

Here's a link to that article that started noisy excitement and confusion amongst the lying, land-thieving Zionists and their stupid, fascist, racist, greedy, self-centered, depraved, unrepentant, anti-Christ American supporters (my friends? hardly my spiritual nation; they defile America; they make the word to stink among the nations):

You decide. I agree with Boström that an investigation is justified. Of course, I believe that all the grievances of the Palestinian people should be properly addressed.

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