The whole idea has been to run the middle and lower classes in the US into debt peonage. The idea has been to destroy the unions and all movements to greater egalitarianism — destroy the people's ability or desire to throw off the evil yoke of the greediest of the greedy who pay so-called intellectuals and economists (not) to dupe the masses.

The next big move will be to undo all entitlements under the guise of fiscal responsibility since the runaway inflation is coming due to Bush and Obama dutifully bailing out the banksters rather than plowing all the printed money into highly skilled public jobs and training for such.

The people are duped into falsely imagining that bounty comes from the financial capitalists when it's the exact opposite. Mr. Potter didn't bring prosperity. Mr. Bailey did. It's Mr. Potter who runs Wall Street while Mr. Bailey is called an evil socialist, pinko, or red. Actually, with the exception of condoning "just" war, he was fairly Christian.

Tom Usher

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