• The Egyptian puppet dictator, Hosni Mubarak, is blocking a humanitarian convoy to Gaza because Israel and the US told him. Woe unto Mubarak! #
  • Viva Palestina stuck in Aqaba #
  • Climate Deniers Love the 70s! — The Remix #
  • "The simultaneous selling of securities to customers and shorting them because they believed they were going... #
  • default is the most cynical use of credit information that I have ever seen," said Sylvain R. Raynes. #
  • "When you buy protection against an event that you have a hand in causing, you are buying fire insurance.... #
  • ...on someone else's house and then committing arson," said Raynes. #
  • Anyone who thinks Wall Street investment banks, including ones recently illegally converted to regular banks, aren't from Hell is a fool. #
  • The whole thing was a set-up. Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson, Alan Greenspan, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, et al., knew and profited. #
  • They are hiding it right out in the open. There's no meaningful investigation because all the powerful politicians have been bought off. #
  • Deregulation; lifting anti-usury laws; globalizing American jobs without overseas environmental, health, safety, and wage regs was a plot. #
  • Goldman Sachs created junk synthetic collateralized debt obligations based on credit-default swaps, sold them, and then shorted them. Evil! #
  • #
  • Henry Paulson used tax-payer money to bailout bankrupt AIG to payoff Goldman Sachs' bets, CDS (shorts), his former employer. #
  • Goldman Sachs bet on AIG being able to cover the CDS's. It lost but still won while regular Americans didn't bet but lost to Goldman Sachs. #
  • Goldman Sachs' and Paulson's scheming was illegal. Goldman Sachs should never have been given a dime through AIG. It's not their money. #
  • If the government were of, by, and for the people, Goldman Sachs would have gone under and the people would have had their Super WPA. #
  • Israeli health officials testified on Wednesday that Israeli authorities harvested organs from the dead bodies of Palestinians. What libel? #
  • What happened to the uproar against Donald Bostrom, the Swedish journalist, who the Zionists were raving against for raising the issue? #
  • The Freedom from Religion Foundation says Jesus hardens hearts. The Sermon on the Mount is better than the Freedom from Religion Foundation. #
  • Anyone who says Jesus hardens hearts doesn't know what he or she is talking about. Jesus softens hearts more than do his detractors. #
  • Jesus turns people into total pacifists. He gets them to serve the cause of the poor and oppressed. He teaches harmlessness and real love. #
  • His healing power from God is real. God is salvation. I know firsthand. #
  • "There is only our natural world," says The Freedom from Religion Foundation. Prove it. They're always insisting on testing God. Hypocrites #
  • The 1st anniversary of Israel's war-crime Operation Cast Lead: over 1,440 killed: 313 children, 116 women; 5,380 injured. What blood libel? #
  • Is the government of the United States legal? Illegal wars, illegal wire tapping, torture, no Habeas corpus, bank frauds bailed out.... #
  • Is the government of the United States legal? No investigation of 9/11, no investigation of the magic bullet [update], CIA running drugs.... #
  • Is the government of the United States legal? Giving more cluster bombs to the Zionists to shower Lebanon, using depleted uranium shells.... #
  • Is the government of the United States legal? Ordering Egypt to block humanitarian aid to Gaza, revving up sectarian wars, false flags.... #
  • Is the government of the United States legal? Bombing people and children to death and claiming it's okay because they might be al Qaeda.... #
  • Is the government of the United States legal? How can it be? If the government of the US is legal, then lawlessness is legal. #
  • There is no proof of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. Any attack on Iran will be a war crime mundanely punishable by firing squad. #
  • I'm opposed to the death penalty. I'm opposed to coercion. I don't want to see anyone killed. I stand squarely against vengeance and wrath. #
  • All the politicians engaging in war crimes are warned that the wrath will come and consume them. They spoil and extort, owe, and will pay. #
  • One can't delegitimize what is eternally illegitimate, so one can't delegitimize the Zionist Project. #
  • 76% of the Political Class worry the government will not do enough to fight the country's economic problems. #
  • Public sector versus private sector doesn't matter when they both stink to high Heaven, which they do. #
  • I'm so tired of statements such as, "About 30 al Qaeda militants were killed and 17 seized in the raids." Where's the proof of al Qaeda? #
  • Everybody killed is al Qaeda. Every Taliban member is al Qaeda. Every Pashtun is al Qaeda. Now every Houthi is al Qaeda. Who isn't al Qaeda? #
  • The Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab story is so "timely." It fits the pattern. He even supposedly confessed he was "trained by Al-Qaeda in Yemen." #
  • Obama wants tighter watch lists; expensive hi-tech, privatized, invasive surveillance; and to bomb Iran. Yemeni are framed as Shia al Qaeda. #
  • So far if you're the king of the hill on Earth, you're at the bottom of the barrel in Heaven. Why fight, kill, die, and lose your soul? #
  • Crusaders and Zionists can't stop their evil plan. All Muslims are to accept homosexuality or be marked and murdered as violent extremists. #
  • Some Iranians want "freedom" burning cars and chanting death and kill. Government reacts with force killing some rioters and demonstrators. #
  • Those demonstrators need to stop being incited to violence and destruction by whomever. They are being manipulated from the outside in. #
  • Viva Palestina convoy Gaza aid still stuck #
  • While headlines are about 5 dead in Iran, Israeli soldiers killed six Palestinians over the weekend. #
  • "The civil war in Northern Ireland came to an... #
  • If Hellfire Missiles from US Predator Drones murder innocents and terrorize souls, and they do, then the US is a murderous, terrorist state. #
  • What can a murderous, terrorist state expect but resistance using murderous, terrorist, retaliatory tactics? #
  • Attack Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, and Syria, threaten & destabilize Iran, and back dictators. Make enemies. #
  • Tell lies to go to war. Fund oppression and land theft. Blow up people's babies. Make enemies. Make many enemies. Make people hate you. #
  • The Empire will crack and crumble at it's foundations. It will fall over and crash to the ground breaking into dust. #
  • The Empire's greed and decadence will eat it alive from within. Its rulers are corrupt. There is not a righteous one among them. #
  • David Miliband loves the Zionist war criminals but hates the hard-line clerics of Iran. Hypocrite. #
  • I guarantee the US has military personnel swearing up a racist storm at Yemenis for the attack on the Cole as the US overtly attacks Yemen. #
  • It doesn't matter what evil the US has done in the region for decades and decades, the US military fights for more power to the plutocrats. #
  • Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon condemned Iranian security forces & called Iran to meet human rights obligations. Israel? #
  • Britain and Canada condemn Iran while the US and Israel order Egypt to block humanitarian aid to Gaza. Hypocrites. #
  • Iranians act out as the Viva Palestina convoy sits blocked upon the 1st anniversary of Operation Cast Lead so the MSM can divert attention. #
  • War and the expansion of American bases #
  • US Press Ignores Egyptian Suppression of Gaza Freedom March: #
  • Snakes and spiders are this person's sexual leaders. #
  • "46% Say Airport Security Procedures Not Strict Enough": a Band-Aid. We need to get at the root cause: selfishness. #
  • . Who's behind Venezuela's kidnappings? " of his [Hugo's] ... failings despite...poverty-reduction successes." #
  • The Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy to Gaza is forced back by the Empire. #
  • Did The Catholic League really win against the "His Dark Materials" trilogy? #
  • Hyper-Zionist fascists in Jerusalem Urinating on the church door and scrawling Hebrew graffiti: "Death to Christians." #
  • . Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. People who say that it is and need to be attacked are advocating war crimes. #
  • Convoy in Egypt #
  • Tom reports: In 25 days 1330 Palestinians killed by Israel including 437 children & 108 women, 5450 injured. Donate... . #
  • Tom Worried about search engines? Your information is safe. There have been misleading rumors recently about... . #
  • Blackwater caused the Fallujah attacks; murdered innocents in Nisoor Square; had booze and homosex parties; but the Empire immunized them? #
  • 7 CIA agents killed Wednesday by suicide bomber at forward operating base Camp Chapman. Detonated explosives-filled vest in basement gym. #
  • 7 CIA agents killed Wednesday in Afghanistan as vengeance for everything and especially drone attacks on women and children. #

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