Now this is what I've been talking about. This actually stirred me — the thought that others would go to the "trouble" to make this little more right-minded video. This is the right idea. This is about heading closer to the Christian Commons.

There's some stuff in that movie that I would have included in that video. Their "money" was in each other's houses. They actually owned each other's houses. That's why they could have foreclosed on each other. However, they chose not to do that but rather to stay "together" in the better spirit.

By the way, Potter's name comes right from the Bible. He's the usurer too. Usury is a sin. That's been forgotten by all those of so-called modernity.

I wish I had 5000 (the limit allowed) friends on Facebook who would see this.

Just moving money to the smaller banks isn't good enough though. At the very least, it would need to be in non-profit mutually owned organizations.

We really need to ban the Federal Reserve and take back the currency from the privatizers. We need to cancel the National Debt to them too. The bonds could all be paid off with the new United States Notes. Then the government would be interest-free.

Why are the people so slow in catching onto this?

Tom Usher

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