1. Obama administration prepares public opinion for attack on Yemen, by Patrick Martin. World Socialist Web Site. #


  3. George Galloway Back to Londonغالواي يفضح مصر في لندن #

  4. I subscribed to sal64london's channel on YouTube #

  5. Obama and Afghanistan: America's Drug-Corrupted War, Peter Dale Scott. Global Research. #

  6. Asia Times Online :: Central Asian News and current affairs, Russia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan #

  7. Mumia Abu-Jamal, in prison since 1981: prosecution claimed .38-caliber; examiner's report .44-caliber. #

  8. "Nanoparticles can penetrate into places larger particles cannot go." I don't trust it in the environment. I don't trust the capitalists. #

  9. Nanoparticles in food = "Nanofood." #

  10. Nanofood is not real food. #

  11. It's not just Tim Geithner that has to go. It's the system. The whole bankster system must and will go. Damn usury! Damn taxes! Damn money! #

  12. Until humanity wakes up, the thing to do with money is translate it into what then doesn't require it: communally owned & worked farmland. #

  13. RT @tweetmeme — Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified #

  14. These people are acting as if this is new news. This is same-old-same-old. Out with the old. #

  15. Obama was not change! We tried to tell you, but we were drowned out by the plutocrats who put him up for the position and funded him. #

  16. RT @RawStory Shock study: 12% of kids sexually abused in govt. custody | Raw Story . #

  17. The forces of greed don't give a damn about anything but themselves during their short stay on this planet. Sociopaths! #

  18. This professor John Beddington is insane. He's a shill for Monsanto & Bayer and all the rest of the GM-&-nano food (not food), greedy crowd. #

  19. As I said earlier : "Rita Katz and the SITE Intelligence Group is Zionist and can't be trusted." #

  20. . Jonathan Elinoff, of New World Order Report & my Facebook friend, did a great job with this article on conspiracies. #

  21. The American taxpayers have been thoroughly cheated by Henry Paulson, etc., using AIG paying Goldman Sachs, et al., for junk securities. #

  22. Peter Schiff says, "No More Government 'Jobs'! ... They only undermine our economy and lower our standard of living." Wrong! #

  23. Peter Schiff is a near laissez-faire capitalist. He twists the history of the New Deal. The WPA and CCC were vastly better than he suggests. #

  24. We need a WPA with government-paid high-skills training and to pay off the National Debt with United States Notes — interest-and-tax free. #

  25. Here's Peter Schiff's wrong-headed/propaganda piece: #

  26. December 2009, Pew Research Center: India second only to Iraq in social hostility and religious discrimination. #

  27. New Videos on YouTube, January 10, 2010 #

  28. "Simon Mayo: the BBC is 'at the forefront of the new atheism'." A conservative wrote it, but it's not wrong — imagine. #

  29. Brit Hume of Fox News has suggested Tiger Woods turn to Jesus, but where does Brit Hume stand vis-a-vis Jesus and the wars the US is waging? #

  30. Larry Jones fired from Feed the Children: allegation: spying on execs, taking kickbacks/bribes, & XXX porn in office... #


  32. Obama Goes Back and Forth on Secrecy | The Progressive #

  33. Abdulmutallab's two-way ticket doesn't clear up things. It makes the glaring lack of security (false-flag) a little less glaring. Planned? #

  34. "Man honored by Obama: God 'sinful, homophobic bigot'" Both sides are wrong here. #

  35. How can 8-year-olds be asked to pass judgment in schools on "same-sex" when the plumbing can't be fully discussed? #

  36. "Keep religious advocacy out of public life since, you know, the worst examples of that are jihadists." — Olbermann. What about the best? #

  37. "Restricting...judicial arrest warrant procedure, for...political interests will... risk human rights everywhere." #

  38. I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — What Every U.S. Citizen Should Know About Israel . #

  39. What Every U.S. Citizen Should Know About Israel #

  40. What Do Mossad Jews and Al-Qaeda Have in Common? #

  41. I favorited a YouTube video — What Every U.S. Citizen Should Know About Israel . #

  42. I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — What Do Mossad Jews and Al-Qaeda Have in Common? . #

  43. I subscribed to SalvadorRusso's channel on YouTube #

  44. I favorited a YouTube video — What Do Mossad Jews and Al-Qaeda Have in Common? . #

  45. "...said a senior U.S. official": always suspect words. Never buy the idea that such journalists always pass on trustworthy information. #

  46. Some journalists are false propagandists or double agents — sometimes even triple agents. #

  47. Right now, the Mossad and the Zionists within the CIA are out to attempt to falsely conflate the Pashtuns with the Taliban & then al Qaeda. #

  48. The Pashtuns are not synonymous with the Taliban, and the Taliban are not synonymous with al Qaeda. #

  49. The neocon Mossad is doing everything in its power with false-flags & disinformation to accuse to death hundreds of millions of innocents. #

  50. The neocon, Zionist Mossad is not of the spirit of Jacob, also known as Israel. Jacob/Israel curses evil efforts, as he denounced his sons. #

  51. "...431 votes to 62, the US Presbyterian Church voted for..."phased, selective disinvestment" in...corporations doing business with Israel." #

  52. "Sainsbury's and Tesco...under pressure to identify "settlement" products [that contravene]...human rights provisions agreement." #

  53. "Norway...government pension fund...[withdrew]...investment in...Israeli...Elbit Systems, which helped build the wall across Palestine." #

  54. "US Campaign...Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel...Desmond Tutu on its advisory board." #

  55. "Britain's Trade Union Congress voted for a consumer boycott. The 'Israel taboo' is no more." #

  56. Those quotes are from: "For Israel, a reckoning," by John Pilger. New Statesman. Published 14 January 2010. #

  57. Read the whole thing: #

  58. I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (1/6) #

  59. I favorited a YouTube video — The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (1/6) #

  60. The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (1/6) #

  61. I favorited a YouTube video — The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (5/6) #

  62. I favorited a YouTube video — The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (3/6) #

  63. I favorited a YouTube video — The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (6/6) #

  64. I favorited a YouTube video — The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (2/6) #

  65. I favorited a YouTube video — The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (4/6) #

  66. The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (6/6) #

  67. The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (2/6) #

  68. The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (5/6) #

  69. The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (4/6) #

  70. The Truth About Markets - 09 January 2010 - (3/6) #

  71. That war causes PTSD is a sign not to wage war. The Pentagon drugs people in an attempt to mask over that sign and create more sociopaths. #

  72. Zyprexa, Seroquel, & Risperdal for a 2-year-old? Just the names alone sound off — let alone actually giving a little child the stuff. Cure? #

  73. How Google Rates Links from Facebook & Twitter #

  74. The fact that Google is standing up to China has somewhat raised up Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in my book. "Do no evil." #

  75. Middle East Newsline: "Hamas has quietly allowed the expansion of Al Qaida in
    the Gaza Strip, a report said." Some people make up anything. #

  76. "THE HAITIAN EARTHQUAKE: MADE IN U.S.A." Wake up and stop lying, Pat Robertson. #

  77. Abdulmutallab may have had a round-trip ticket, but he reportedly didn't have a coat to Detroit in winter & no luggage: false-flag alarms! #

  78. To Pat Robertson: You are not a Christian! Haiti suffers because of oppression and exploitation, which acts are denounced by God and Jesus. #

  79. To Pat Robertson: Ariel Sharon didn't suffered a stroke for ceding land but for, among other things, unjustly taking land from Palestinians. #

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