1. . The U.S. military is capable of committing atrocities without the aid of corporate mercenaries and soldiers of fortune. #

  2. TWITTER WEEKLY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-15 . #

  3. Former CIA Ray McGovern discusses the rogue CIA, Harry Truman, and the JFK assassination. #

  4. Freedom of religion is freedom of conscience. Take is away, and you become the fascist thought-police allowing none to improve. #

  5. "Once lust is unbridled it knows no limits. In the order of nature those who forgot God did not understand themselves either." — Pelagius #

  6. "State Budget Blues." Dollars & Sense: S&P 500 CEO income 42 times higher than average worker 1980 — now 344 times. #

  7. . JP Morgan: Record payday as it sends market tumbling #

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