This comment was left on the Facebook group, "Anti-Homosexuality (And what the Bible says about it)":

cant say ive ever read the bible but im pretty sure it says do not judge thy neighbour.


Then this one:

'He who is without sin cast the first stone.'

Go on, cast your stones.

Here's my response:

To the last two posters, read the following calmly. Don't read it as if I'm yelling it.

I will also preface with the fact that real Christians are never for coercing others and especially not violently. The same cannot be said of secularists most of whom seek to use the violent power of the state to force Christians against what is supposed to be their freedom of religion/conscience.

You're a mixed crowd and a mixed-up crowd consisting of those who haven't read the Bible and who don't know what the word "judge" means within the context in which it's used.

Why are you telling people they should read the Bible again when you haven't read it for the first time and don't know what the words mean? Aren't you worried about being arrogant?

What do they teach these days in the schools, how to be prideful when ignorant, how to spread lies and to argue from falsehood, how to be wrong and not see it or acknowledge it if you do, and how to be wrong and not be ashamed when shown?

You have contempt for people who are not falling with you into iniquitous behavior when you should be glorifying them and turning to be like them.

You have the world wrong-side up. You're putting wrong for right. Your judgment is off. Yes, you're judging and you're doing it incorrectly. You lack discernment. You've been socialized to lack it. It's been programmed out of you. You're conditioned to thought termination. You've been mesmerized from the earliest possible age and given post-hypnotic suggestions to avoid contemplating the full meaning of the words spoken by Jesus and the deeds he performed. Faith and belief have been drilled out of you so you'll be easy prey to be enslaved for the sexual gratification of fellow slaves to sin. You're taught to have no control to say no to such wickedness. You are not free of evil, and you're taught not to want to be. You are not your own persons though you think you are. You are less free than the most devout and faithful Christian by far. The truth it freedom, and you follow liars.

You are standing with those who say that it is not error for males to engage in sodomy. However, it is error. It's obviously wrong. If it weren't generally wrong (and it is), there would be no use for condoms. Even with condoms, there are still inevitable physical complications.

Do they tell you in school about inevitable negative complications while they're telling you that there's nothing wrong with engaging in sodomy over and over and over and over just as if it were a male and female engaged in normal intercourse? No, they don't tell you. They lure children in and then hook them with sexual addiction and embarrassment to buck the crowd and with brainwashing via endless peer pressure. You are mistaken, misled, and misleading others.

I am not calling for, nor am I, stoning anyone. Try reading it. He said to "go and sin no more." That was after everyone was convinced by his own conscience and dropped his stone and walked away.

You should drop your stones and walk away holding your tongue (your peace) and sin no more.

You don't imagine that he was against adultery but for homosexuality do you? That would be rather stupid, especially since the vast majority of homosexuals engage in group sex and/or strings of one-night stands. Don't tell me they don't because I know better.

Are you under the impression that it is the job of Christians to keep silent in the face of iniquity? If so, you're wrong. Christ is the model, and he spoke out against all manner of evil. He did it for your sake because if no one speaks against it, it will overtake everything and take it all down so that Earth will be nothing but Hell forevermore.

You need to wise up. You've been fed full of a bunch of garbage. You've been brainwashed by those who want to use you as so much flesh for hedonism.

I remember when "just physical" was looked down upon. Don't tell me that homosexuals as a rule have the same disposition toward each other that monogamous heterosexuals have because it's not true. There have been heterosexual adulterers, but the homosexuals have been vastly more promiscuous and more violent too.

If they choose it after having been informed; well, as I said, I don't coerce. A real Christian just warns. A real Christian just tells the truth.

Homosexuality is always a choice, no one has to do it, it is also not harmless, and Jesus never condoned it. Everything to the contrary is a lie. It is false propaganda spread by liars who want more flesh to corrupt with them in their selfish and harmful lust.

Don't be so lazy. You're hurting others and yourselves. Stand up for crying out loud. Stop being zombies for the homosexual mind-control purveyors.

Tell them to stop. That's the right thing. That's the loving thing. It's hateful to let people just go on unwarned. It's hateful to lie and not to stand up against lies. The real hate speech is the speech that says that there's nothing wrong with homosexuality. The real harm is with the non-scientist (that's right, they aren't scientists) psychiatrists who suddenly claimed that homosexuality isn't a disease state — an incorrect mental condition. It was an arbitrary, baseless change, planned and executed by the homosexuals within the ranks of psychiatrists. They have no scientific evidence to show you. They did no tests — no experiments. They just made a group decision and forced it on the whole of society without merit.

People have changed from being attracted by the same sex. It's a fact. No amount of fascist-homosexual tactics of yelling through bullhorns at church windows behind which former homosexuals are meeting with others and telling their stories will alter it either. That's the truth, and that's the way it is.

See the light of truth for the sake's of your brains and souls.


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      I realize that there are homosexuals and bi-sexuals, etc., who will read this and likely jump to false conclusions about me.

      I am not coercive. I am a total pacifist. I don't seek the secular state to coerce homosexuals. Were it only that the contrary were true. What I do is refuse to go along with the falsehood that people can't change since I've seen people change with my own eyes. I've also seen the harm of homosexuality. Some people "get away with it" without what others would feel is apparent harm, but that doesn't mean it is harmless such that it should be taught societally as being harmless. Yes, there are mundane risks in heterosexuality. That too should be stated and taught in the schools. Lastly, Jesus did not condone it. The "liberal" interpretations of Jesus's words and deeds suggesting that Jesus was a homosexual and other like distortions are simply vile, not truly liberal.

      Peace (ultimate harmlessness),

      Tom Usher