1. "Update on Our Brave New Slavery: Yes, It Applies to American Citizens, Too," by Chris Floyd. "...all the governmen.... #

  2. I'm now following @iacenter #

  3. Sometimes I'm closer to Che Guevara than Pat Robertson. In fact, I'm always closer to Che. At least he was honest about being anti-Christ. #

  4. At least Che Guevara was for the downtrodden. Pat Robertson is an elitist liar through-and-through who grinds the face of the poor. #

  5. ...slavery and genocide, colonization...brutal dictatorships by the U.S. and France has led to Haiti['s] ...condition. #

  6. Here's the full URL: #

  7. . Gnostic-Luciferian Films: "Hollywood's Satanic Agenda (19): Rocky Balboa" What do you know? #

  8. I'm now following @hollywoodjew #

  9. Harshbarger: "videos...appear to have...voiceover...difficult to determine...questions to which ACORN...[is] responding." More info please. #

  10. ACORN's California Chapter Splits, Creates New Group #

  11. "Cameron hearts ecoterrorism" The author is a hypocrite. He'd be a holy terror to anyone he could breaking up his home. It's easy to spin. #

  12. "Cameron hearts ecoterrorism" #

  13. . "Martha Coakley...has no idea the Taliban are either terrorists or our sworn enemies." From neocon/Zionist idiocy #

  14. The Taliban are Afghanis fighting an aggressive, imperial invader bent upon ramming foreign-owned pipelines down their throats. #

  15. George W. Bush refused to supply the Taliban with proof that bin Laden did 9/11. They agreed to turn him over if the U.S. proved he did it. #

  16. Osama bin Laden is not on the FBI "Most Wanted" List for 9/11 even to this day. That's because the FBI says there isn't enough evidence. #

  17. . Americans have had sex on the brain for decades, and it's only gotten worse. No wonder the country is in such a mess. #

  18. I'm now following @TimothyS That's Tim Shorrock. #

  19. Otniel Schneller (Kadima): the new change is not "religious coercion," as "the Chametz Law is a Jewish law and not a religious one." Bull. #

  20. The Chametz Law has to do with Passover, and Passover is religious. No amount of Zionist spinning can change it. #

  21. No wonder Israel is in such a mess. #

  22. I favorited a YouTube video — AMAZING SPEECH BY WAR VETERAN Asombroso discurso de un Veterano SUBTITUL... #

  23. AMAZING SPEECH BY WAR VETERAN Asombroso discurso de un Veterano SUBTITULADO ESPAÑOL . #

  24. Here's the link concerning those last two tweets: http://www.israelnationalnews......spx/135554 #

  25. "Bob Fitrakis' "Raking the Muck" article in the 2009 End of the Year Free Press issue." #


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