Gerald Celente says, "Fascism is coming to America." It's already here in large measure, but that's an aside.

I don't agree with Gerald Celente concerning gold (he's big on it; but I say when the chips are down, you can't eat it and no one will trade his last food for it); but essentially I agree with every point he made in this interview. I've been writing much the same thing for years and starting before the crash and before I had ever heard of Gerald.

I do like his style of stating that the obvious is obvious. He's rightly amazed that the general public cannot readily see the obvious — the bankers on Wall Street are banksters — just as FDR used to say.

Fortunately, more and more people are seeing the banksters and Zionists for what they are. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is playing with fire by funding the crooks.

Revolution (violent revolution — which I do not support) is in the air more so than at any time since the 1860's, and Obama looked like a one-term president before he was even nominated.

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