This is a powerful statement about the utter corruption of British government by the obvious wickedness today called Zionism.

We British are not like Americans – we would not tolerate having Israeli lobbyists standing over our politicians like happens in Washington and thus gathering power. Why – they might bias our decisions over our foreign policy! The influence of Israel in Washington is well documented. It is exercised both through powerful overtly Jewish Washington organisations and, increasingly, through Christian Zionist organisations."

via The Palestine Chronicle: A Leading Online Newspaper on Palestine, Israel and the Middle East.

New Labor is anti-union/anti-labor and pro-Zionist that is funded by global Banksters (Orwell can't rest in his grave). The Zionist Banksters illegally funded the ruination of real Labour (mix in some British spelling for the search engines).

"He said he gave the money to Labour secretly since he did not want 'Jewish money' and the Labour Party to be linked, thinking this would make people suspect there was a Jewish conspiracy." He meant reveal the Zionist/Bankster conspiracy, since it is a real conspiracy. What else is a plan? They planned it all and carried it out, which resulted in illegal wars, etc.

"...the press treated these secret donations with kid gloves." Well, the Banksters treated themselves with kid gloves. What's new?

To Hell with Zionism and Christian Zionism. It's all dung. It's all based on lies. Real Christians do not support the Zionist Project – never have.

Hey, check into how Oliver Cromwell fits in with all of this Christian Zionism rubbish. Cromwell isn't even where it begins either. This is all Calvinist/Reformed offshoots and where Calvin got it too going all the way back. None of it fits with Jesus – absolutely none of it.

This all comes down to Jesus whether anyone else likes it or not.

Israel is not legitimate. That's a fact. No amount of Rothschild money (yes, they are still richer than you know – so rich they can keep how rich completely secret except from God and Satan – Satan their god) can buy Israel legitimacy. Every decent Jew (yes "decent") knows it too.

Thanks also to Alex Eales.

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