1. Address the root cause of Haiti's problems: violent greed of Empire builders. #

  2. FBI 2000 Phone Records via Faking Terrorism #

  3. The FBI is spinning that last story. #

  4. Does Matt Taibbi have Tourette's syndrome? I agree with many of his observations about David Brooks, but why does Taibbi always fxxx...? #

  5. Don't read this if you don't want to be subjected to the f-word. #

  6. Neocon-Zionist-fascists decrease "surplus population" of Muslims #

  7. Neocon-Zionist fascists decrease "surplus population" of Muslims: Scrooges all. #

  8. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-19 . #

  9. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-19 . #

  10. selfish spin #

  11. When linking to an Andrew Breitbart site, I'd try to remember to qualify it. #

  12. His stuff is more dangerous than the stuff from the World Socialist Web Site for instance. #

  13. The WSWS has already qualified that they are anti-Stalinist, etc., whereas, Breitbart sites are witting tools of racists. #

  14. I subscribe to Breitbart's rss feeds to monitor the enemy. #

  15. The loaded with false propaganda #

  16. That is not to say that I agree with Obama of course. #

  17. Global-warming denial is peeking through there in that article, and global-warming denial is woefully ignorant at best. #

  18. We should have universal, single-payer healthcare at the very least. As a Christian, I say that no one should be turned away. #

  19. It's Good Samaritanism. Yes, I'm not for coercive socialism however. #

  20. The Breitbart-types are very much in favor of coercion just so long as it's coercing in what they want to ram down our throats. #

  21. The original Tea Party is being co-opted by neocons and National Socialists against the desires of many original Tea Party members. #

  22. All Tea Party members are not racist. Only some are. #

  23. The question is, is Andrew Breitbart for equal opportunity when he shovels muck? Where is his heart? What is his first principle? #

  24. I don't disagree with everything Andrew Breitbart says. I don't know anyone who can't speak in half-truths. #

  25. Come on. Andrew Breitbart is not a Libertarian/Tea Party liner. He's a Reaganite. Reagan was no Libertarian. Real Libertarians are anti-war. #

  26. I'm now following @MicCheckRadio #


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