1. "Latest tea party target: Its own convention" Breitbart-types want to run the US. Why? #

  2. "If these folks want a fight, it's a fight I'm ready to have," Obama said about Wall Street. He blew it on purpose for his bankster buddies. #

  3. "Stocks slide as Obama calls for tougher bank rules" Good. End the Fed! Bring in United States Notes. Dump Federal Reserve Notes. #

  4. To Hell with interest on the National Debt. There shouldn't be a National Debt. Use United States Notes to pay off the National Debt. #

  5. What are these Tea Baggers thinking? They don't want to rebuke the banksters? Such so-called Tea Baggers (fake) will get what they deserve. #

  6. "Obama proposed tough restrictions on banks and derivatives." You call what he wants tough? He's still following banksters. #

  7. When he completely cleans economic house putting in real Populists, I'll give him some credit. #

  8. Obama will melt about bank reform the way he did about universal, single-payer health care. Coercive capitalism is evil. #

  9. Main stream media is loading up with propaganda such as "railed against the banks." Obama doesn't rail against banksters. He spins for them. #

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@RedScareBot I'm a communist but no Marxist. Marx was for violent revolution. That's anti-Christ. I'm a Christian.

@RedScareBot My next tweet was, "The WSWS has already qualified that they are anti-Stalinist." Savvy? I hope so. I'm a communist.

@RedScareBot "Welcome to USSA RT @TomUsher His stuff is more dangerous than the stuff from the [WSWS]..." You took it out of context.

andrewbreitbart "U.S. Constitution is a good start, re: First Principles": doesn't hold a candle to the New Commandment of Jesus. Be real.

@andrewbreitbart I don't have a crowd. I follow Jesus. You follow me to watch the enemy? I follow you to watch the anti-Christs. Peace!

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