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  3. Look, I understand this; but we need to start over. Capitalism and coercion are the problems. #

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  5. Electronic cigarettes What an evil idea! Don't. It's extremely addictive and unhealthy. #

  6. RT @tweetmeme Led by Facebook, Twitter, Global Time Spent on Social Media Sites up 82% Year over Year | Nielsen Wire #

  7. Republicans caused the crash. Obama sucks up to them. So what are you going to do, put Republicans back in? That would be stupid! #

  8. Republicans complain about "Big Government" while loving "Big Corporations." Big Corporations caused the crash, not Big Government. #

  9. Big Business is about crushing little people ensnaring them with no way out. It's monopolistic. Little people are prey, not customers. #

  10. They serve lies to serve to themselves other people's rightful inheritance. #

  11. Stimulus packages are not wrong, per se. They are right. What was wrong was that they went to the wrong people: Wall Street banksters. #

  12. The only right thing for Barack Obama to do is stop preaching centrism and learn to educate why the banksters and plutocrats are dead wrong. #

  13. If the stimulus packages had gone to Main Street, we'd be in Happier Days than before the plutocrat-planned bust. #

  14. Dump the Federal Reserve. Dump Federal Reserve Notes. Pay off US Bonds with interest-free United States Notes. Where are the Republicans? #

  15. Do you hear any Republicans saying this sort of thing other than perhaps Ron Paul? His voice is too weak though. He's too easy on them. #

  16. Ron Paul is too apologetic about monetary policy and the Federal Reserve. Of course we don't want the Federal Reserve to be independent. #

  17. We don't want the Federal Reserve to exist: a secret society of banksters running/dictating the US economy for the sake of those banksters. #

  18. Tell Obama to clean economic house, now! Get rid of the neocon/neolib crowd and put in real Populists. #

  19. There are plenty of Populists who can turn things around in a flash. Just don't side with Goldman Sachs and the other predators. #

  20. Deregulation set up the crash. Bailing out the banksters made it worse. Now they want to kill social security because they don't own it. #

  21. The only thing wrong with Big Government is that Big Business banksters control it rather than the people who are supposed to own it. #

  22. If the people want to help each other through their own government without the privatizing middlemen ruining it, then great! #

  23. What's wrong with public sidewalks? Do you want to pay a greedy capitalist to walk down the street, or are you better with shared ownership? #

  24. Sure, forced taxes are not from Heaven; but the capitalist system isn't from Heaven either. If you want the real economy, that's doable too. #

  25. Just stop being stuck in what you falsely imagine is the utter selfishness of "human nature." We can choose to change to unselfishness. #

  26. That doesn't mean people walking on people. The Golden Rule requires that people not walk on each other. Get rid of hypocrisy. #

  27. Don't reach out to Republicans and Democrats to become more like them. Reach out to convert them. #

  28. Barack Obama cannot be serious about economic reform while supporting Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for another term. #

  29. Get rid of Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers. Don't put more of the same back in either. Anyone who backs Ben Bernanke should be dumped. #

  30. I'm not looking to punish Geithner, Summers, Bernanke, Paulson, Greenspan, et al. That's not my religion. Put the house in order though. #

  31. We don't need Ben Bernanke to avoid inflation. United States Notes pegged exactly to real productivity will do that automatically. #

  32. If Republicans are Tea Party members, then why are Republicans backing Ben Bernanke? They are not the Tea Party. Wake up. Don't be duped. #

  33. Bernanke has not avoided a depression. The crisis is far from over: unemployment. His evil policies and practices have yet fully to unfold. #

  34. Profits on Wall Street do not mean there is not a depression. Wall Street is not, I repeat, is not the "real" mundane economy. #

  35. Hugo Chavez on Haiti: "Mr. Obama, send field hospitals instead of so many soldiers...." The US wicked military turned away field hospitals! #

  36. Amy Goodman travels Haiti where the unGodly US military won't supply help without "securing" areas first. Amy is met only by cries of help. #

  37. Evil Zionist Israelis (terrorists) have now banned many NGO's from doing humanitarian work in Palestine. Where are the UN, EU, and US? #

  38. History: Stinking capitalist, imperialist, coup planners/executers, and privatizers stole then closed Haiti's flour and cement companies. #

  39. René Préval is not the legal President of Haiti. He's a puppet dictator by a US coup against the legal President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. #

  40. Obama backs Zionist fascists, authorized the fascist coup against Zelaya in Honduras, and ordered the US military takeover of Haiti (again). #

  41. Just when the US needs a New New Deal to the nth degree, Republicans are duping Tea Baggers into being corporatists. #

  42. FDR's economic expansion slid when he listened to deficit hawks. Obama is worse. He's ruled by Wall Street bailout con-artist like Bernanke. #

  43. NASA: last decade warmest on record; 2009 second-warmest year on record going back to 1880. #Climategate is a greedy-corporatist farce. #

  44. #Climategate is a greedy-corporatist farce even though Cap and Trade is also a greedy-corporatist farce. #

  45. Government of, by, and for the superrich: America. The ultra-rich pay tricksters to dupe the middle and lower classes including Tea Baggers. #

  46. People foreclosed on & thrown out of work by banksters & big business are still listening to those same banksters & corporatist. It's sad. #

  47. Under the U.S. Constitution, people form associations called corporations and collectively spend money making political statements. #

  48. Insane and unbridled capitalism is sold as freedom. Capitalism at any level is insane, just as are coercive socialism and democracy. #

  49. Under that Constitution, there is a presumption of justice definitely (supposedly) based upon the U.S. Declaration of Independence. #

  50. "All men are created equal." There it ends though. Do what thou can get away with has taken over. #

  51. To hell with the "family" that is humanity has taken over. #

  52. All the "unity" talk just becomes brainwashing by the overlords. Self takes over – self apart from the whole. #

  53. The government of the United States is fickle and capricious. Its philosophy is fatally flawed. #

  54. The U.S. is coercive and attempts to force unlike things together at the lowest common denominator while calling it a brilliant conception. #

  55. There is a better way. Stop coercing each other. Start doing together what is unselfish – not harmful in the end. #

  56. Why laud the inferior? Why make false claims to greatness for the "Founding Fathers"? They were not brilliant but dull. #

  57. The "Founding Fathers" were empire building, personal-estate building, wearing down the crown's resolve not to allow them sort of peerages. #

  58. Once the "Founders" had rebelled enough to satisfy for a time their aspirations for private estates, they did not fight for the poor. #

  59. The Founders were not righteous. Why do people defend them as if they were the last word, as if they had the best ideas conceivable? #

  60. People who laud the Founding Fathers of America avoid for selfish reasons what is better and best for all. #

  61. Unity in righteousness really is best. Rather than complain that it's too strait, make us fit. #

  62. @hellzballer " Listen To Israel Lobby CD!" Thanks for the link. It's good for others. I've read them though. in reply to hellzballer #

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