1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-26 . #


  3. So, Chemical Ali is put to death, but Zionists who used illegal chemical weapons on innocent Gazan children are welcome in the UK and US. #

  4. What did Chemical Ali do that the Zionists did not? Who sold the chemicals and weapons to Iraq? The US and other Western countries did. #

  5. Who supplied satellite targeting coordinates to Saddam when he gassed the Iranians? The US did. #

  6. Who used White Phosphorus illegally on Fallujah, just the way the Zionists did on Gaza? The US did. #

  7. Why then aren't Zionists and Americans being hanged to death for such war crimes? Why is punishment meted out via a double standard? #

  8. The Associated Press rails against Hugo Chavez for shutting down RCTV calling it independent rather than corporatist, elitist, and greedy. #

  9. Hugo may not always be right, but the RCTV owners and managers and their self-centered backers and supporters certainly are less right. #

  10. Obama could end the misery of Haiti's children by doing to them what he's done to innocent Pashtun children: kill them with missiles. #

  11. Leftists in Brazil at the World Social Forum: big companies must be prevented from controlling natural resources & harming the environment. #

  12. Those leftists are right about that. #

  13. The right way to prevent big companies from controlling natural resources and harming the environment is via changing humanity's heart. #

  14. It will not come by way of violence. Violence is a problem, not the solution. #

  15. What a waste. #

  16. It's paranoid to be sitting around making up Hebrew words for new words in other languages such as English. It's ethnic bigotry. #

  17. There's a place for it as a relatively un-contrived, natural occurrence; but to dwell so on it is a form of hyper-nationalism — not good. #

  18. @andrewbreitbart Andrew Breitbart, if the allegations are correct, is James O'Keefe immoral for attempting to bug Mary Landrieu's office? #

  19. Assassination is not legal: surprise lethal attack, in this case, for political reasons. You have not addressed Anwar al-Awlak's grievances. #

  20. Anwar al-Awlak is a US citizen in Yemen who allegedly believes the US is not justified in its Middle East actions and is ready to fight. #

  21. When have his peaceful grievances been addressed? Has he never peacefully protested in a called for grievances to be addressed? #

  22. How can he be legally killed if he is right the US is wrong in the Middle East? How can the U.S. gov. say he is wrong without answering him? #

  23. Yuli Edelstein: "The Goldstone Report...& similar reports, are simply a type of anti-Semitism." Zionists are shooting themselves in the feet. #

  24. The most anti-Semitic thing in the world is Zionism. #

  25. Why doesn't Michael Moore know that Obama took more money from Wall Street than anyone else in political-campaign history? #

  26. I like Michael Moore, but he's still being duped. He doesn't even yet know Obama was a fake from before he even announced his candidacy. #

  27. Michael Moore's story about the Florida doctor who flew to Haiti and took patients to Florida without US "permission" is good and right. #

  28. Doctors Without Borders needed to be willing to be shot out of the sky or arrested upon landing in Haiti. The US government is not God. #

  29. The Zionists blockading Gaza are not God. The private flotilla that goes to Gaza, is it ready to be attacked and its passengers martyred? #

  30. I favorited a YouTube video — Haiti: UN Unloads Food For Starving Crowd Then Loads It Back Up And Driv... . #

  31. Haiti: UN Unloads Food For Starving Crowd Then Loads It Back Up And Drives Away! . #


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