What is shown in that video was a crime. That was using food as a coercive means of control. That crowd was not unjustified in complaining about forms when suffering crowd members are illiterate. Kick them when they are down — kick them down, actually.

The ultimate decision-makers (those who can withhold U.N. dues, etc.) are fascist-capitalist racists. They want such things to happen. They don't want the nations united in real peace. They try to kill peace so they, the greedy capitalists, will maintain that much more selfish wealth, power, and control: utter shame!

The nations of the world that refuse to come together under the Golden Rule as Jesus exemplified it won't make it. That Golden Rule must be the real law of the nations.

Yes, Jesus is the standard whether anyone else likes it or not. I love it because it's right. His standard is right.

I favorited that video over on YouTube and gave it the most number of stars. I'm sharing it on Facebook. It will end up linked on Twitter, FriendFeed, and my blog.

Pacifist land reform: Help me bring forth the Christian Commons.

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