Blair has zero evidence that Iran supplied or otherwise aided anti-imperialist fighters in Iraq.

"Tony Blair accused of spin over blaming Iraq War failures on Iran," by Sean Rayment. Jan 30, 2010.

Tony Blair has been accused of delivering a 'piece of spin' after claiming that Iran's support for insurgents almost caused the failure of the British-US mission in Iraq.

Even if Iran did do that, the U.S. and Britain had no right to attack and invade Iraq. The whole time Bush was in office, the Bush administration and the Zionists kept claiming they would produce evidence that Iran was supplying Iraqis. They never produced a thing. Each time they claimed to, they were embarrassed. They even replaced U.S. Marine General Peter Pace as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for, among other things, telling the truth that the U.S. had no hard evidence that Iran was supplying anyone in Iraq.

Blair is a blatant liar. He helped Bush start a war based on things that Blair knew full well were complete falsehoods on Bush and Blair's part. They are both war criminals. There's no doubt about it. He's still breaking the law by inciting more war crimes. He has zero evidence against Iran concerning any nuclear-weapons program on Iran's part. The whole world knows it too (at least those who could be bothered to look).

The mainstream media is controlled by, belongs to, lying, greedy, violent imperialists. They don't repeatedly call on Obama and Hillary Clinton and the rest of the liars to produce the evidence that Iran is building a nuclear-weapons program. They also don't harp demanding that Obama and Clinton and the other Zionists show how even if Iran were doing that, that Iran has any less "right" do be doing it than does any other nation-state in the world.

Iran can legally opt out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) at any time. That's the deal they made with Iran. It's in writing and signed by all the parties.

As the title says, Tony Blair is pulling the Cheney: never admit you made a meaningful mistake, and never apologize for one. He's pressing on with the pattern of Big Lies with Obama and Clinton following right in his slippery footsteps. They will all fail in the end.

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