1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-02-01 . #

  2. I favorited a YouTube video — Russia May Restrict Destructive Cults, such as Scientology. #

  3. Russia May Restrict Destructive Cults, such as Scientology. . #

  4. "Too many sermons talk about Jesus' love, compassion and grace which are great but not male concepts." #

  5. "Men want to know about his great decision making and leadership." His great decision making is that love is the strait gate and narrow way. #

  6. This call is dumbing down and twisting Jesus's message: Jesus was not effeminate. #

  7. Rise to understand the words in context and by the full message. Don't be hung up by your ego. Jesus isn't asking you to have sex with him. #

  8. Real men are those who are alive in the spirit of righteousness that does not include all the violent competition. The "real" is no game. #


  10. The Obama budget is smoke and mirrors. It's utterly false propaganda. The economic problems are child's play. The best "economists" know it. #

  11. The Obama budget is a lie. Dump the Fed. Peg United States Notes to real productivity. Forget the wicked-hearted usurers. #

  12. The wicked-hearted usurers are liars. The people can all live like nobility if the people's hearts will soften. #

  13. Stop listening to and echoing the plutocrats' hypnotists in the mainstream. #

  14. There's only one place where a corporation is a person: where there is no selfishness that is hypocrisy. Then it's real, alive, and one. #

  15. "Female suicide bomber in Iraq kills 54." How dark is dark when news is Iraqis targeting & murdering Iraqis? It aids the evil Empire. #

  16. The Associated Press is a propaganda mouthpiece for Empire. It's badmouthing Jean-Bertrand Aristide because he was for the poor. #

  17. Jean-Bertrand Aristide wasn't perfect, but he was far, far better then any of the greedy, monstrous dictators the Empire installed. #

  18. If the U.S. had helped Jean-Bertrand Aristide, he could have done a good & effective job of pulling Haiti out of poverty. They stopped him. #

  19. President Jacob Zuma of South Africa has now had his 20th child that the news media even knows of. Now, that's pure selfishness. #

  20. The U.S. demands China agree on Iran sanctions but pokes China with weapons to Taiwan, meetings with the Dalai Lama, and threats via Google. #

  21. Of course, the right hand knows what the left hand is doing; so someone thinks China's system will openly fall under the Empire all the way. #

  22. Ethiopia's U.S. puppet dictator, P.M. Meles Zenawi, threw a Muslim in prison for claiming that Zenawi said Ethiopia is Christian Orthodox. #

  23. Regardless, Christians don't throw others in prison. #

  24. The 10 Southern Baptists being held in Haiti for attempting to rescue a bus load of children in Haiti from the situation meant well. #

  25. "Homeschooled children score significantly higher than their peers on standardized achievement tests." The best instructor I had was my mom. #

  26. When I had trouble with subjects, my mom stepped in. Then I really learned. The 2nd best instruction was private self-paced. #

  27. Public school was dumbing, slowing, boring, and even stultifying. Is it proper to use boring as a transitive verb? #

  28. The American court is allowing a German family to stay in the U.S. to home school the children and avoid persecution. Germany is offended. #

  29. If the German gov. consider the family to be headed by criminals, why isn't Germany glad to be rid of them? To Germany, it's complicated. #

  30. Israel admits white-phosphorus war-crimes. It is now working out how to white wash that Israel broke the lull in violence by Gazan rockets. #

  31. Dump the Pentagon. Put every American child who can do the work through graduate school for free including transportation, room, & board. #

  32. The Air Force Academy has a worship area for Pagans, Wiccans, & Druids, etc. The Air Force is evil regardless. It's Satan's. #

  33. Did James O'Keefe doctor the ACORN audio/video? Claimed experts say it appears that way. O'Keefe hasn't released the original recording. #

  34. "The videos that have been released appear to have been edited, in some cases substantially." Proskauer Rose LLP #

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