1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-02-02 . #

  2. Obama wants to increase the Pentagon budget by $44 billion. War-profiteering is what that is. Obama is a grandiose front man of spoliators. #

  3. The Democrats chose a hawk, an anti-environmentalist, and someone pro-nuclear power when solar and wind are where the nation should go. #

  4. Obama wants huge nuclear so the people benefit less from their own power-generating equipment. He's working against what's best. #

  5. If the Obama administration doesn't hold John Yoo and Jay Bybee to account for their war crimes, Obama will be keeping his campaign promise. #

  6. That's right. He ran on letting them off. He ran on letting all of the war-criminals off. The plutocrats let him win because he promised it. #

  7. The U.S. suspended flying injured Haitians to U.S. hospitals for 5 days. Florida ran out of room. Fly them everywhere. Fill every hospital. #

  8. According to Israel's Justice Ministry, Israel can murder Americans peacefully protesting in Palestine. They did that to Tristan Anderson. #

  9. The Israelis shot a high-velocity tear gas canister right at his head and murdered him. No one is to be held to account for that murder. #

  10. Obama is restarting open funding for his fascists in Honduras. The coup was illegal and loaded with human-rights abuses including murders. #

  11. Israel claims that "disciplining" 2 for white-phosphorus crimes proves Israel moral. They would never have done it but for global outrage. #

  12. That's only the tip of the iceberg on Israeli war crimes against Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon. #

  13. "No one other than the Iranian rulers and their agents denies that the regime [Iran] is rushing headlong to build a large nuclear arsenal." #

  14. That stupid comment in my last Tweet comes from Daniel Pipes. #

  15. Daniel Pipes, I challenge you openly right here. Produce one shred of hard evidence Iran has a nuclear-weapons program. Put up, or shut up. #

  16. Neither Daniel Pipes nor anyone else will produce one shred of hard evidence Iran has a nuclear-weapons program because there is none. #

  17. Even if there were, the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Israel have no legal right to prevent the Iranians from joining the nuclear club. #

  18. The Iranians have the legal right to opt out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel has nuclear weapons but is not even a member. #

  19. Claire Short, International Development Secretary, under Tony Blair: Blair lied in the build up to war. #

  20. Claire Short on Tony Blair: Blair deceived her about his commitment to UN involvement. #

  21. Claire Short on Tony Blair again: Blair's Cabinet never had meaningful debates about Iraq (or, indeed, anything else). #

  22. Source for Clair Short at the Chilcot Inquiry: lead-up to the Iraq War: #

  23. Now that Ahmadinejad has agreed to send all Iranian uranium abroad for 20%-grade enrichment, the Zionists have lost another round? #

  24. Currently reading 'Confidential 2001 "Contract for Iraqi People"' : #

  25.;aid=17307 "Obama...secret for...FBI to have skirted...privacy protections." #

  26. It is not legal for Obama to overturn the citizenry's privacy laws. His orders aren't worth the paper they are written on. #

  27. Also, no Federal judge has the authority or power to uphold Obama's illegal orders. #

  28. The U.S. is a lawless state so long as these fascists remain in office. #

  29. I don't recognize their authority as legal. The U.S. is a police state so long as the FBI and others act on such blatantly fascistic orders. #

  30. I'm speaking in the mundane here. Even if they were to adhere to the "highest" standards under the U.S. Constitution, they'd fall short. #

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