1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-02-03 . #

  2. Tom Heartbreak or angel of light? Take me in stride, and pray. . #

  3. Bill Gates can board a private jet without going through any body scans or any degradations? Why is he less suspected he could go terrorist? #

  4. Bill Gates could board his private jet, take it over, and fly it into a high rise. Why is he treated as special? The answer is, he's rich. #

  5. You aren't as "good" as Bill Gates. You aren't as "equal" as Bill Gates. You are worthless compared to Bill Gates. It's how you're treated. #

  6. Do I want to see Bill Gates dehumanized the way everyone else is being treated? I want everyone treated better than Bill is now treated. #

  7. Humiliation and indignity is not making the world a better or safer place but their exact opposites. #

  8. If the rich treat the people as a mere herd of cattle, they will morph into a pack of ravening wolves and tear those rich to shreds. #

  9. No doubt, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc. are war criminals. #

  10. George W. Bush took the U.S. to war to one-up his father while twistedly avenging his father against Saddam's supposed assassination threat. #

  11. Yes, it was about oil and denying potential global imperial rivals too. It was mostly opening the way for the Zionists for Greater Israel. #

  12. Scott Ritter proved exactly right that there was zero hard evidence against Iraq. The same applies right now to Iran: zero hard evidence. #

  13. Same type of lies — slightly different generation of liars: Republican-Zionists liars against Iraq; Democrat-Zionist liars against Iran #

  14. War criminals past, present, and future: Hell bound #

  15. Bush demanded that Iraq do what it could not. Bush demanded Iraq get rid of weapons it didn't have. Bush cut short the weapons inspections. #

  16. 29 minutes into the video, Condi Rice is willing to attack Iraq based upon water boarded "detainees" willing to say anything to end torture. #

  17. Rumsfeld said, "We know they have weapons of mass destruction." He was lying. He was not simply mistaken. He knew they did not know it. #

  18. There were no aluminum tubes for centrifuges, no unmanned drones, no mobile bio-weapons labs, no yellowcake...all Bush administration lies. #

  19. Colin Powell, above all others, worked to put a legitimate spin on the evil course. #

  20. Saddam had nothing to do with al Qaeda or 9/11. It was clear before the invasion. The CIA knew it. Bush demanded false "intelligence." #

  21. What did Colin Powell give to the whole world, right in front of God and everyone, for evidence? He gave computer-generated cartoons. #

  22. John Ashcroft knew the U.S. was doing the wrong things, was horrified at what he was being a party to (torture, etc.), stayed, & got sick. #

  23. George Tenet did what Richard Clarke was unwilling to do: give lying answers to George W. Bush to convince gullible Americans to invade. #

  24. The Bush/Blair administrations lied about the cost of the war in dollars and lives and that the Iraqis would see the invaders as liberators. #

  25. Obama agreed in advance with the Bilderberg Group and others 1) to let Bush and the others to walk free & 2) to continue the legal wars. #

  26. The American people try to pretend they were fooled by Bush and his administration. There will be none of that with Obama and Iran. #

  27. There is no proof that Iran is doing what the neocon/Zionist liars claim, & the American people will have no cover for national war crimes. #

  28. http://www.worldpublicopinion......52&lb= Polls show Ahmadinejad did really win. #

  29. The BBC is a bastion of homosexuals. It's spewing totally fascist, anti-Christ propaganda to force Christians to hire homosexuals or else. #

  30. Why are people for forcing their way into voluntary religious organizations? Don't they realize they once complained against such coercion? #

  31. People violently forced homosexuals to not engage in homosexual behavior. Homosexuals complained against that coercion, but now they coerce. #

  32. When will people stop being hypocrites? #

  33. I'm against coercion and falsehood too. People can change, homosexuality is not harmless, and Jesus did not condone it. That's the truth #

  34. Just tell the truth. #

  35. You're against a force theocracy, so don't force secularism on others; otherwise, you're just an evil hypocrite. #

  36. "AIG Pays $100 Million in Bonus Money," while AIG was bailed out so it could pay off Henry Paulson's cronies at Goldman Sachs on bad bets. #

  37. The Pentagon isn't doing homosexuals any favor or vice versa with the call to repeal "Don't Ask. Dont' Tell." #

  38. Homosexual or not, no one should join or be forced into the military. #

  39. Homosexuals are so glad to hear about ending "Don't Ask. Don't Tell." They can hardly wait to fire Hellfire missiles from predator drones. #

  40. Even anti-war homosexuals are glad to hear Pentagon officials lobbying Congress so homosexuals can be out of the closet while they murder. #

  41. What's more important to those so-called "liberals" who claim to be anti-war but who are gleeful about open homosexuals in the military? #

  42. I'm not for banning "Don't Ask. Don't Tell." I'm for banning the Pentagon. #

  43. I favorited a YouTube video — Goldman Sachs CEO may receive a record bonus #

  44. Goldman Sachs CEO may receive a record bonus . #

  45. A fascist Zionist group in Israel, "Im Tirtzu," is calling for suppressing free political speech in Israel against Israeli war crimes. #

  46. Supposedly, Iranians are obsessed with seeing season 6 of "Lost." I never heard of it until just now. I live in America and read the news. #

  47. Paleoclimatologist Michael E. Mann will be thoroughly vindicated by Penn State University concerning all "Climategate" charges. #

  48. As I said, the White Baptists in Haiti meant well. Watch it. #

  49. I believe them. I believe the pastor saying they thought they had the papers. #

  50. Emergency situations require extraordinary steps. They should be commended for their love, compassion, and bravery. #

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