1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-02-03 #

  2. Tom Heartbreak or angel of light? Take me in stride, and pray. . #

  3. Bill Gates can board a private jet without going through any body scans or any degradations? Why is he less suspected he could go terrorist? #

  4. Bill Gates could board his private jet, take it over, and fly it into a high rise. Why is he treated as special? The answer is, he's rich. #

  5. You aren't as "good" as Bill Gates. You aren't as "equal" as Bill Gates. You are worthless compared to Bill Gates. It's how you're treated. #

  6. Do I want to see Bill Gates dehumanized the way everyone else is being treated? I want everyone treated better than Bill is now treated. #

  7. Humiliation and indignity is not making the world a better or safer place but their exact opposites. #

  8. If the rich treat the people as a mere herd of cattle, they will morph into a pack of ravening wolves and tear those rich to shreds. #

  9. http://downloads.leadingtowar......yer02.html No doubt, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc. are war criminals. #

  10. George W. Bush took the U.S. to war to one-up his father while twistedly avenging his father against Saddam's supposed assassination threat. #

  11. Yes, it was about oil and denying potential global imperial rivals too. It was mostly opening the way for the Zionists for Greater Israel. #

  12. Scott Ritter proved exactly right that there was zero hard evidence against Iraq. The same applies right now to Iran: zero hard evidence. #

  13. Same type of lies — slightly different generation of liars: Republican-Zionists liars against Iraq; Democrat-Zionist liars against Iran #

  14. War criminals past, present, and future: Hell bound #

  15. Bush demanded that Iraq do what it could not. Bush demanded Iraq get rid of weapons it didn't have. Bush cut short the weapons inspections. #

  16. 29 minutes into the video, Condi Rice is willing to attack Iraq based upon water boarded "detainees" willing to say anything to end torture. #

  17. Rumsfeld said, "We know they have weapons of mass destruction." He was lying. He was not simply mistaken. He knew they did not know it. #

  18. There were no aluminum tubes for centrifuges, no unmanned drones, no mobile bio-weapons labs, no yellowcake...all Bush administration lies. #

  19. Colin Powell, above all others, worked to put a legitimate spin on the evil course. #

  20. Saddam had nothing to do with al Qaeda or 9/11. It was clear before the invasion. The CIA knew it. Bush demanded false "intelligence." #

  21. What did Colin Powell give to the whole world, right in front of God and everyone, for evidence? He gave computer-generated cartoons. #

  22. John Ashcroft knew the U.S. was doing the wrong things, was horrified at what he was being a party to (torture, etc.), stayed, & got sick. #

  23. George Tenet did what Richard Clarke was unwilling to do: give lying answers to George W. Bush to convince gullible Americans to invade. #

  24. The Bush/Blair administrations lied about the cost of the war in dollars and lives and that the Iraqis would see the invaders as liberators. #

  25. Obama agreed in advance with the Bilderberg Group and others 1) to let Bush and the others to walk free & 2) to continue the legal wars. #

  26. The American people try to pretend they were fooled by Bush and his administration. There will be none of that with Obama and Iran. #

  27. There is no proof that Iran is doing what the neocon/Zionist liars claim, & the American people will have no cover for national war crimes. #

  28. http://www.worldpublicopinion......52&lb= Polls show Ahmadinejad did really win. #

  29. The BBC is a bastion of homosexuals. It's spewing totally fascist, anti-Christ propaganda to force Christians to hire homosexuals or else. #

  30. Why are people for forcing their way into voluntary religious organizations? Don't they realize they once complained against such coercion? #

  31. People violently forced homosexuals to not engage in homosexual behavior. Homosexuals complained against that coercion, but now they coerce. #

  32. When will people stop being hypocrites? #

  33. I'm against coercion and falsehood too. People can change, homosexuality is not harmless, and Jesus did not condone it. That's the truth #

  34. Just tell the truth. #

  35. You're against a force theocracy, so don't force secularism on others; otherwise, you're just an evil hypocrite. #

  36. "AIG Pays $100 Million in Bonus Money," while AIG was bailed out so it could pay off Henry Paulson's cronies at Goldman Sachs on bad bets. #

  37. The Pentagon isn't doing homosexuals any favor or vice versa with the call to repeal "Don't Ask. Dont' Tell." #

  38. Homosexual or not, no one should join or be forced into the military. #

  39. Homosexuals are so glad to hear about ending "Don't Ask. Don't Tell." They can hardly wait to fire Hellfire missiles from predator drones. #

  40. Even anti-war homosexuals are glad to hear Pentagon officials lobbying Congress so homosexuals can be out of the closet while they murder. #

  41. What's more important to those so-called "liberals" who claim to be anti-war but who are gleeful about open homosexuals in the military? #

  42. I'm not for banning "Don't Ask. Don't Tell." I'm for banning the Pentagon. #

  43. I favorited a YouTube video — Goldman Sachs CEO may receive a record bonus #

  44. Goldman Sachs CEO may receive a record bonus #

  45. A fascist Zionist group in Israel, "Im Tirtzu," is calling for suppressing free political speech in Israel against Israeli war crimes. #

  46. Supposedly, Iranians are obsessed with seeing season 6 of "Lost." I never heard of it until just now. I live in America and read the news. #

  47. Paleoclimatologist Michael E. Mann will be thoroughly vindicated by Penn State University concerning all "Climategate" charges. #

  48. As I said, the White Baptists in Haiti meant well. Watch it. #

  49. I believe them. I believe the pastor saying they thought they had the papers. #

  50. Emergency situations require extraordinary steps. They should be commended for their love, compassion, and bravery. #


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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    • Emma Frank

      I write this not to offend, but more to understand where you are coming from. Why is it that you believe homosexuality is wrong? (If you do direct me towards the bible as proof, could you specify which passages?) I am in a community which is very diverse...happy, but diverse. The scenario seems perfect, that is until i hear anti-gay slanders from members of the Catholic Church. My question being...can't we all get along?