1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-02-06 . #

  2. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-02-06 . #

  3. Why is Abbas still in place when he sided with the Zionists against the duly elected government led by the people's choice: Hamas? #

  4. Why is Abbas still in place when he completely blew it regarding the Goldstone Report? Why is the MSM still calling Abbas the "President"? #

  5. The dupe Abbas took weapons, ammunition, etc., from the Zionists to fight his fellow Palestinians, Hamas. Palestine does not back Abbas. #

  6. The neocons and Zionist sought to divide Palestine to continued gaining more and more over it. Abbas fell right for it. In fact, he knew. #

  7. Netanyahu went around planting trees in main illegal settlement colonies promising them the land would never go back to the Palestinians. #


  9. Has the MSM asked Mr. President Obama whether the U.S. has hard evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, and, if so, what is it? #

  10. Has the MSM asked Mr. President Obama to show us the hard evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program? #

  11. Has the MSM asked Barack Obama why, if he can't show us the hard evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program is he pressing Iran? #

  12. The George W. Bush administration repeatedly said it knew Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and then George said the U.S. didn't know. #

  13. War Secretary Robert Gates is so hyped up to attack Iran he can't admit Ahmadinejad's statement on having others enrich to 20% beats Gates. #

  14. The U.S. neocons and Zionists will do everything they can not to come to a deal with Iran no matter how much Iran bends over backwards. #

  15. Does anyone have a link to the full text (properly translated into English) of Ahmadinejad's press conference on swapping enriched uranium? #

  16. If the MSM were serious about informing voters in our "democracies," the full text in English of Ahmadinejad's words would be all over. #

  17. Notice how the West calls Ahmadinejah's words "mere rhetoric" rather than call his bluff if the West thinks he's bluffing. They don't. #

  18. The greatest threat to international security is the U.S.-Zionists conspiracy to duck providing proof of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. #

  19. "There is really no problem. Some made a fuss for nothing. There is no problem. We sign a contract." — Ahmadinejad #

  20. "We give them 3.5 percent [enriched uranium]..." — Ahmadinejad #

  21. "...and it will take four or five months for them to give us the 20 percent [enriched uranium]." — Ahmadinejad. Deal! #

  22. Reports added the word "some" of Iran's 3.5. uranium, suggesting some would remain in Iran to still be enriched. That's deceptive reporting! #

  23. If it's true he meant only "some," then flesh it out in the report. Don't give us false-propaganda techniques. Give us the truth, all of it. #

  24. If Americans don't start demanding hard evidence against Iran before the U.S. false-hearted government attacks Iran, woe to those Americans. #

  25. "Director of National Intelligence...Dennis Blair...U.S. intelligence...assessment...Iran has not yet build nuclear weapons." #

  26. The U.S. wants to completely take over and sell weapons to the Persian Gulf states by driving deeper wedges between Sunnis and Shias. #

  27. Laura Silsby has been accused of deceiving other members of the Baptists in Haiti. Was Laura Silsby aware the documentation wasn't enough? #

  28. "$349 just to hear Palin's speech after a dinner of lobster and steak at the sprawling Gaylord Opryland resort." Common people for the poor #

  29. Oh well, I don't begrudge them steak and lobster. They don't understand economics though. It's not spending but on what that matters. #

  30. Fists for Jesus That's not Christian but false. Jesus was strong to overcome it. #

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