1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-02-09 . #

  2. If Barack Obama orders the assassination American mere-suspects, a military coup would prove relief depending upon the people involved. #

  3. If you base what you say on whether the most number of people today are going to like it or you, you will never tell the whole truth. #

  4. There hasn't been a double-dip yet because the real depression is L-shaped. Wall Street "boosts" are still based on fraudulent bailouts. #

  5. Had money gone to jobs, there'd be inflation, not that it has to follow higher employment but because the system is rigged that way too. #

  6. If austerity programs are to be served up, serve them on the plutocrats who should also be broke before anyone starves for lack of mammon. #

  7. Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Declare all Federal Reserve Notes to be United States Notes: the people's interest-free currency: a start. #

  8. If you're going to have a coercive democracy and as a lesser of evils, get the greedy banksters off the backs of the common working people. #

  9. What everyone needs to know and to repeat as the Big Truth is that the bankster-government deliberately avoided creating millions of jobs. #

  10. Creating millions of highly productive, fulfilling jobs would have been easy. You never heard Obama say that because he is the bankster's. #

  11. These people are monsters. We could have full-employment, no poverty, no polluting energy, no deflation or inflation, and no taxes or debts. #

  12. "Liberals believed their hype that Barack Obama would be that black FDR they pictured on the cover of Time magazine." "they" = banksters. #

  13. Obama was handpicked because he wouldn't buck the banksters the way FDR partially did. Obama wouldn't create highly productive public jobs. #

  14. By the way, all the "conservative" talk that the Depression was worsened by public jobs is total nonsense spewed by the banksters on down. #

  15. Mistakes FDR made were 1) midstream reversing course after listening to the naysayers (he had to reverse again) and 2) he did too little. #

  16. So-called conservatives are claiming that spending & public jobs don't work, but Obama hasn't spent right or created the right public jobs. #

  17. Those so-called conservatives are stomping a straw man Obama knew he was going to help create before he publicly announced he was running. #

  18. The bought-off Democrats by not way out doing FDR when they had the golden opportunity of a century have given a huge gift to Republicans. #

  19. The little people are more and more listening to those of greed who brought the mess in the first place. The greedy picked Obama to fail. #

  20. So-called Bible-believing Christians (Christian Zionists) better read it. The Old Testament God stomped the Hell out of a wayward Israel. #

  21. There are other ways of expressing what happened in Christian spiritual terms, but Jesus did warn them that there are consequences. #

  22. Israel is not, and has not been since the rise of the Zionists, keeping the real covenant that is righteousness also toward Palestinians. #

  23. It's good to see Stephen M. Walt not being timid. He seems positive now the "anti-Semitism" label is nothing to fear. #

  24. It sounds like Paul Craig Roberts has had it with the U.S. fascists. He's fed up. He's not alone. Read the comments. #

  25. Real Tea Party Members are anti-Zionists, but Palin wants Obama to bomb Iran for Israel. So, she's out, right? When? #

  26. How long is the fascist, racist, Apartheid Zionist Project going to survive? They can't possibly think God is on their side. Satan cometh. #

  27. Now that the U.S. is a blatant fascist police-state and NATO members aren't far behind if at all, which "civilization" will prevail? #

  28. The U.S. is lawless, its government is a farce, and its leader is a moral midget. #

  29. . It's idiotic to view full-body scanners in an approving way — disgusting propaganda for a burgeoning police-state. #

  30. The Democratic Party doesn't even pretend to be the party of the people anymore. #

  31. "Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to 'blacklist' dissenting sites...license users": No exaggeration #

  32. I favorited a YouTube video — Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to 'blacklist' diss... . #

  33. Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to 'blacklist' dissenting sites . #


  35. "We have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel... #

  36. ..., and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play," Bachmann said. [It's not Israel but atheistic Zionism.] #

  37. "Bachmann: God will 'curse' America if it opposes Israel" She's wrong. #

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