1. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, February 10, 2010 . #

  2. Snow Job in Washington? The bump in the L-shaped depression is fake. #

  3. Hello Sandra, Yes, I knew you felt that way. The U.S. has kept Haiti down for every evil purpose under the Sun... re: . #

  4. Evil Obama: "They're [banksters] very savvy businessmen.... don't begrudge people success or wealth. That's part of the free market system." #

  5. One Free Market System for Wall Street, Another for.... #

  6. Libertarians versus neocons: "!! Digg!! Glenn Beck obscures Texas Governor's race with 9/11 question" #

  7. Read: "The idea that Arabs built the pyramids is...bad. Ancient Egyptians were not even Semites." #

  8. Interesting take: "The Zanj Revolt" #

  9. I am now following: @bravenewfilms #

  10. I favorited a YouTube video — Civilian Casualties "Inevitable" in Largest Military Operation of the Af... #

  11. Blackwater / Xe May Get $1 Billion Afghanistan Training Contract Despite Failure with Border Police . #

  12. Civilian Casualties "Inevitable" in Largest Military Operation of the Afghanistan War . #

  13. "Why don't you move to Canada?" Canada is part of the Anglo-American Empire. #

  14. I subscribed to rethinkafghanistan's channel on YouTube #

  15. I would rather Twitter not shorten URL's that fit #

  16. I favorited a YouTube video — Blackwater / Xe May Get $1 Billion Afghanistan Training Contract Despite... #

  17. "The irony is that the Nazi holocaust has now become the main ideological weapon for launching wars of aggression." — Norman Finkelstein #

  18. RT @sabbah Zionism Unmasked: Chutzpah, thy name is Zionism . #

  19. I favorited a YouTube video — cyber security.mp4 . #

  20. The mistake Debra Medina made concerning her 9/11 comment was in not being prepared to fight for a real investigation. #

  21. Phony "conservatives," so insulted for the Bush administration re: 9/11, turn a blind eye to Bush's lies in the lead-up to invading Iraq. #

  22. cyber security.mp4 . #

  23. Even members of the 9/11 Commission said they were blocked. Also remember, "We don't torture." That too was a huge lie. #

  24. Remember the lies where the Bush administration claimed it wasn't warrantless-spying on Americans talking with Americans in America. #

  25. Then there's this lie: "Beck, a leading national conservative host who is central to the Tea Party movement." Glenn Beck is not Tea Party. #

  26. "Debra Medina's 9/11 remark pushes campaign off track" Zionist-neocon propaganda! #

  27. Do you see how that article against Debra Medina is psy-ops by proven liars, spies, dungeon masters, torturers, assassins, & baby killers? #

  28. Read the right column: Then there were on going war games, a stand-down, & on & on. 9/11 was not investigated. #

  29. Don't listen to buffoonery. Don't follow Glenn Beck. Keep saying that there must be a full, independent, criminal, forensic investigation. #

  30. 30 Year Auction: A Solid "F" #

  31. Peaceful Palestinian resistance pay-off #

  32. Obama: "We are confident right now...the international community is unified around Iran's misbehavior in this area [nuclear]." Misbehavior? #

  33. India isn't allowing Monsanto to sell its genetically engineered eggplant in India. India has seen farmer-devastation because of Monsanto. #

  34. Canada is being fascistic about its Winter Olympics — not allowing protests, etc. It's counter-productive. #

  35. Canada is blocking entry for alternative journalists. Going to Canada from the U.S. used to be as easy as going from Arizona to California. #

  36. Court forced release of documents: "...documents prove Britain was aware of [British citizen, Binyam] Mohamed's torture in US custody. #

  37. "We will shine a light on the names of Iran's human-rights abusers." — John McCain. What about American and Israeli human-rights abusers? #

  38. 75% support allowing openly homosexuals to serve in the US military. Too bad 75% don't support ending the military. Where's righteousness? #

  39. What's better about having openly homosexual killers, equal opportunity greater evil? #

  40. Adding homosexual enforcers to the budding military/police state is not progress. #

  41. Extreme weather is connected with global warming's wetter air. We just finished the hottest decade on record beginning in the 1880's. #

  42. The oceans are the hottest on record. Global warming is real. It's no hoax. The 11-yr solar cycle is to swing hot. El Nino is to return too. #

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