1. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, February 12, 2010 #

  2. Obama's loan-guarantee idea for new nuclear power plants comes from his plutocrat bosses against free, decentralized, solar & wind energy. #

  3. Non-violence is a spreading, powerful weapon against occupation. Israeli security forces are panicking. [paraphrased: Neta Golan, Israeli] #

  4. Israel enters Palestine (where visas aren't required), kidnaps people at gunpoint, forces them to Israel, & charges them for expired visas. #

  5. Israel has targeted & shot unarmed, peaceful protesters (European & American too) demonstrating against the illegal Apartheid Wall & regime. #

  6. A peaceful American protester, Tristan Anderson, was targeted & shot with a high-velocity tear-gas cannister by Israel. He's brain-damaged. #

  7. Israel has Abdallah Abu Rahman in prison on "arms possession" of Israeli tear-gas cannisters empty after being fired at demonstrators. #

  8. Israel raids the offices of peaceful organizations where Israel ruthlessly and illegally destroys expensive equipment and steals documents. #

  9. Israeli court frees non-violent... #

  10. Energy: Obama backs creating more radioactive waste, ocean oil-spills, mountaintop removals, & greenhouse gases. He hates the planet & us. #

  11. Every penny Obama's greedy, polluting, violent, depraved bosses plan for energy should go to solar & wind, etc., not nuclear, oil, or coal. #

  12. Democrats are nearly silent as their evil, imperial, fascist president Obama attacks Pashtuns for raw materials, poppies, and pipelines. #

  13. Evils of the racist, violent, thieving, apartheid, Zionist regime are pointed out. Rather than repent, it becomes darker. Zionists owe evil. #

  14. Naomi Chazan & the New Israel Fund fell to the devils trap by threatening to sue the Jerusalem Post for running demonic ads against Chazan. #

  15. The New Israel Fund, headed by Naomi Chazan, financially supported testimony for the Goldstone Report concerning clear Zionist war crimes. #

  16. Why Jerusalem Post sacked columnist Naomi... #

  17. How much longer are the American people going to back perverted, fascist Zionists? Is the United States going to be dragged down with them? #

  18. New Israel Fund #

  19. "Im Tirtzu hides behind respectable mask of 'Zionism,'" by Gideon Levy #

  20. Ronen Shoval, "who is completely devoid of all understanding of the essence of democracy, is now crudely going after the New Israel Fund." #

  21. Haaretz found Im Tirtzu is supported by John Hagee's Christians United for Israel (CUFI). Hagee is no Christian. He's an evil war-monger. #

  22. More detailed: "Amid row over contentious ad, Jerusalem Post fires Naomi Chazan of New... #

  23. Was biology professor Amy Bishop taking psychotropic drugs? It's alleged she shot up a faculty meeting injuring and killing members. #

  24. If there is no global warming because Florida got snow, then why is snow lacking in New England? Answers: El Nino & there is global warming #

  25. Michael L. Baron and Michael J. Wolf say they remember Barack Obama at Columbia University despite James Manning's claims he wasn't there. #

  26. James Manning: #

  27. New York Times says people do remember Obama at Columbia: #

  28. Border Patrol checkpoints not at borders are unconstitutional. There must be a suspected criminal. Pre-crime stops are illegal. #

  29. If this checkpoint stops people who haven't been out of the country, it's illegal: #

  30. Scathing & accurate attack on anti-Iran lies #

  31. "...who are Israel, the USA or the west to speak about dishonesty, bad intentions, secret plans, dastardly threats....?" [see last Tweet] #

  32. 100% publicly owned & democratically operated public works projects are not for contractors, unions, or bureaucrats but for incomes for all. #

  33. Read!: Surveillance Drones To Zap Protesters Into Submission #

  34. I favorited a YouTube video — New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside' #

  35. I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside' #

  36. New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside' #

  37. You have a brain. Continue studying, but widen your field. You're regurg... (YouTube .) #

  38. The 9/11 Commission did not prove anything. Its members complained about... (YouTube .) #

  39. They did what people do today in politics, which is to say one thing and... (YouTube .) #


  41. Aspartame/AminoSweet: "brain damage,... tumors,...endocrine disruption" #

  42. Forget probable cause & due process, & welcome torture & assassinations; but openly get rear-ended in the Army: freedom to kill & die for. #

  43. "Minimum wage hike killed jobs, BSU study says." Leave off the "U." Banksters kill the jobs. Your study is crap. #

  44. Down with the WTO's Financial Services Agreement (FSA) #

  45. Down with the WTO's Financial Services Agreement (FSA) cont.: #

  46. Down with the WTO's Financial Services Agreement (FSA) cont.: #

  47. Monopoly: Exposing The Story Behind Goldman's Record Profits #

  48. "prop trading" = Proprietary trading #

  49. Foreclose and liquidate, since finance-capital speculation is still the rage. Rollover bad loans, and wait for the bubble to "erase" losses. #

  50. Down with the WTO's Financial Services Agreement (FSA) cont.: #
  51. Statement of Lori Wallach, Director, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division; U.S. Foreign Economic Policy in the Global Crisis; Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade; COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS; U.S. House of Representatives March 12, 2009

  52. Iceland to be a free-speech haven? #

  53. http://blog.tenthamendmentcent.....amendment/ Kansas 10th-amendment sovereignty #

  54. 10th Amendment sovereignty declarations are redundant but psychological. #


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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