I ran into this video on YouTube. I decided to leave a series of comments on it. Those comments are below. They are broken up as they are due to the 500-character limitation per comment on YouTube.

Look, Nickidewbear, you are young and ignorant concerning a great many things; but I like you. The government hasn't released the black boxes from the Twin Towers. Bobby Kennedy and John Kennedy, Jr., both said that were they to ever get into the power position to do so, they would reinvestigate the assassination. Both of them died under extremely suspect circumstances. Ted Kennedy was extremely upset concerning the lack of investigation about John Kennedy, Jr.'s death.

The 9/11 Commission did not prove anything. Its members complained about how their hands were tied by the Bush Administration. As for Russia, it tried to do the right thing when it ended the Soviet Union. It was then savaged by rabid crony capitalists. Regarding your point about the Founding Fathers, many were Deists and Freemasons and did have an eye toward their form of secular humanism eventually coming to dominate worldwide. They were crafty politicians.

They did what people do today in politics, which is to say one thing and then do another. The British crown was in no mood to grant those Founders equal rights in the British government. What I hear you doing is ignoring proven false-flag events, such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It never happened, and millions died. I also here [meant hear] you being ethnocentric rather than caring about truth as truth without regard for ethnic or family or tribal considerations. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

You have a brain. Continue studying, but widen your field. You're regurgitating Zionist false-propaganda. That propaganda is hurting Jews, not helping them. Peace to you, Tom Usher

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