1. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, February 13, 2010 . #

  2. I subscribed to PressTVGlobalNews's channel on YouTube #

  3. I favorited a YouTube video — Yemen, the real conflict #

  4. Yemen, the real conflict . #

  5. I rated a YouTube video (1 out of 5 stars) — Before you boycott Israel! . #


  7. If non-Jews hadn't been backing Israel and pumping more money into Israe... (YouTube .) #

  8. The video is obnoxiously one-sided, highly exaggerated, and stretched to... (YouTube .) #

  9. I favorited a YouTube video — Did You Know? (PLEASE MAKE VIRAL) (VIVA PALESTINA!) . #

  10. Your reply is a perfect example of a racist's twisting and ignorance. Do... (YouTube .) #

  11. This is just twisting and ethnic bigotry and racism coming from your dee... (YouTube .) #

  12. These people have some valid points: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE OLYMPICS? Tens of thousands of police, soldiers, security forces, and spies... #

  13. Olympic Resistance Network, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE OLYMPICS? #

  14. Vancouver 2010 Olympic Protests #

  15. Why are you addressing me? You are way out of your depth.

    Ireland is ... (YouTube .) #

  16. You didn't answer: Why did Zionists go to Palestine to commit terrorism,... (YouTube .) #

  17. Earlier, you answered as if Ireland is Arab. Now you've replied as if a ... (YouTube .) #

  18. The Deir Yassin massacre is common knowledge. How many Palestinian villa... (YouTube .) #

  19. The war crimes extend to Lebanon and elsewhere too.

    As for your comme... (YouTube .) #

  20. You address points I didn't make. You are the typical Zionist trained up... (YouTube .) #

  21. "...filthy conspiracy theorist!" Grow up. People conspire. You do it wit... (YouTube .) #

  22. You're too immature properly to converse. Your knowledge of history & in... (YouTube .) #

  23. You are hyper to distort. Your cause is becoming desperate because peopl... (YouTube .) #

  24. Thanks ICBUSHSFRAUD,

    By the way, I know you know that you commented o... (YouTube .) #

  25. P.S. I can always undelete it to show the truth about those who bear fal... (YouTube .) #

  26. "Wall St. Helped Greece to Mask... . #

  27. Swaps are a farce. They're fee-generators. The market is not audited. There aren't the assets to back them. It's a Ponzi scheme. [cont.] #

  28. [cont.] Blow up the bubble, be pre-positioned (insider-trading), pop the bubble on cue, & get bailed out with tax dollars to hoard [cont.] #

  29. [cont.] or use to further consolidate or do big carry-trading. #

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