1. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, February 23, 2010 . #

  2. Someone is hacking and spamming Twitter with direct messages saying, "This you????" and then appending a shortened URL to a fake login. #

  3. @Lovelyjo77 I think the "This you????" is hacking, so you might want to hold off un-following people. It might not be their fault. in reply to Lovelyjo77 #

  4. Family members of the 27+ Afghani civilians killed by the U.S. military are heartbroken. Some will seek, and some will obtain, vengeance. #

  5. @solomonsydelle J Street is too conservative, but: "American Jews seriously rethinking their relationship with Israel" in reply to solomonsydelle #

  6. Wall Street banksters think they own the U.S. so much they felt no fear increasing bonuses in 2009 by 17% above 2008 — time for them to go. #

  7. If the Environmental Protection Agency isn't being allowed to restrict greenhouse gases, then it isn't being allowed to do it's job. #

  8. Obama is wrong. More nuclear power now is for fools. #

  9. Full link: #

  10. Obama is clearly doing the bidding of the huge health-insurance industry versus the majority of Americans he deceived about a public option. #

  11. Unemployment is rising, but Wall Street tripled it's all-time profits record after bailouts in the worst crisis since the Great Depression. #

  12. Most major Interviews should include: "current employer, clients, & their industries?" #

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