Wow, the level of sexual immaturity on Facebook coming from people who are supposedly at least as old as I am is astounding.

I have had a series of people who have handpicked particular others who have about as slutty and raunchy profile photos as Facebook might allow to then recommend them as friends to me. It's a pattern. I've mostly ignored it. This last time though, I called the person on it.

He freaked out, threw a temper tantrum, wrote back with some blue language, then blocked me. What a baby. He thought he was going to tweak me with slutty photos but ended up deeper in his neuroses.

Here was my open, honest, and direct message to him:

Really, xxx, the last two people you recommended disappeared; and now you've once again picked a "person" whose profile picture is designed to do what in my case? What, do you think I was born yesterday? I lived between a tattoo parlor loaded with hardcore bikers and an XXX sex shop with a liquor store across the street one block from the most murderous (death by gunfire) intersection in the city. I have three bullet hole scars, xxx. I've been around perhaps more than have you, and your "friends" profile isn't phasing me but simply making me wonder why the juvenile antics from you.

If you want to tweak me because you don't like my Christianity, why not just tell me to go to Hell right on my Wall?

I have attempted to interact with you on an adult basis. I have no problem in telling you that your approach toward me has been immature. You also did the same thing on another network site by the way. I haven't forgotten. I suspect you probably have though.

If you're not interested in mature interaction, just remove me from your friends list on Facebook.

What's the problem? Do you not want your other "friends" to see you consorting with the Christian enemy? Are you attempting to be offensive enough that I'll remove you as a Facebook "friend"? Are you unable to restrain yourself to deal with someone who isn't sexually interested in sluts?

If that's what you want, just say the word rather than play slutty-friend recommendation games.

So, in other words, grow up, "friend."

His reply(s):

March 1 at 12:38pm
Goodbye and f___ [letter characters replaced with underline characters] you....who needs this s___? —-xxx

March 1 at 12:39pm Report
I have yet to see a F______ rule that says you have to confirm anyone. Screw you and grow up!

March 1 at 12:48pm Report
Christian?????? Who the hell are you and who knew you were a Christian. Frankoly —-Tom, you have an overblown ego.

READ MY LIPS: no one gives a s___ what religion you profess or what voodoo you practice. Screw you and get a life on someone else's message board. I have better things to do!

GROW UP...or shut up!

People don't like it when they get rightly called out for being immature. What does his never having seen a "rule that says you have to confirm anyone" have to do with his choices as to whom he recommends to me?

"...who knew you were a Christian"? Well, the cross on my profile image doesn't suggest I'm an atheist, and this was not our first interaction. Also, pardon me for expecting that people will have overviewed the profiles of others on Facebook before accepting them as friends. My profile says "Christian" all over it. I've dealt with him on and off for years now. How could he not have known or have forgotten? Why are the recommended friends disappearing from his friends list? Why were only women with slutty profile-photos showing recommended? Was it all just carelessness on his part? If so, whose problem is it? It's not mine. If my expectations were too high for him, so be it. If someone were to have sent me the message I sent him and I thought I had been misunderstood, I would have said "whoa" and explained myself that I wasn't trying to offend, etc. Rather than take that approach, he was just true to form (consistent with one promoting licentiousness). Either way, I'm not buying what he's selling.


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    • I just receive a supportive message on Facebook as follows:

      After reading it, I'm glad I haven't had to deal with this :) Hopefully I won't have to!

      I didn't know you had three bullethole scars - glad you didn't die

      My reply there:

      I don't want to over state the bullet holes. I didn't put it in context, but it's a private matter to some degree. I was just put off by the repeated pattern I described.

      I have friended people who aren't Christians solely for the purpose of networking with people about what's wrong and what should be done.

      I just updated that post of mine saying:

      "Also, pardon me for expecting that people will have overviewed the profiles of others on Facebook before accepting them as friends. My profile says "Christian" all over it."

      Anyway, thanks Gloria for being understanding. I think because I'm so outspoken about Christianity that they get some sick pleasure in either deliberately trying to offend or being very careless about sensibilities. I'm not overly thin-skinned, but I care about people who haven't been subjected to pollution.

      I'm glad you haven't been subjected to such come-ons. You shouldn't have to be, even if you get way out there in front on Christian issues. I suspect that there are plenty of women who have been confronted by people putting garbage in front of them in an attempt to cause them to stumble.

      Well, I feel I caught this person off guard in that he was operating more in subconscious mode than it appeared he might have been from his repeated recommendations. Regardless, if he isn't more careful from this point forward, shame on him.

      Peace to you, Gloria. I hope your studies are going well. Always glad to have your moral support.