1. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, March 2, 2010 . #

  2. Google Blog Search (GBS) is apparently censoring all indexed posts of mine with "homosexuality" or "Zionist" in the title. #

  3. I'm apparently not allowed to have a voice on those touchy subjects according to some homosexual/Zionist(s) at Google running Blog Search. #

  4. It's bad enough that people have to drill down to get to any of my indexed posts in Blog Search, without Google censoring some of them. #

  5. The posts are indexed though: #

  6. People complain about Google being censored in China while Americans are blocked from blog-search results on certain posts in the U.S. #

  7. Here I had thought they had lifted the censorship when they lifted the complete block on my blog that lasted months and ruined traffic. #

  8. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, March 2, 2010 . #


  10. I'm now return-following @Rogozin Dmitry Rogozin is Head of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO. #

  11. Israeli raid called off after Facebook leak #

  12. Israel silent despite Dubai call for Netanyahu arrest #

  13. What are the details of the backroom deal between Russia and the U.S.'s NATO for sanctions against Iran? #

  14. I'm still waiting to hear from Dmitry Medvedev what kind of sanctions won't hurt the Iranian people. #

  15. Brazil wants the world to think it didn't cave in under U.S. pressure or bribes. #

  16. It's part of Brazil's continuing bid for elevated global status & a slap at U.S. Latin American policy & intervention. #

  17. China is actually saber rattling by increasing its military spending. That's a way to increase U.S. concessions in any sanctions deal. #

  18. Avigdor Lieberman is telling the U.S. to do Cuban-style, unilateral sanctions against Iran. #

  19. The U.S. needs to declare peace with Iran instead of listening to Zionist-fascists like Avigdor Lieberman? #

  20. What were the "repeated and persistent violations" of the Iranian newspaper Etemad? Maybe the judiciary will overrule its banning. #

  21. Church that feeds needy faces court after neighbors complain Still? #

  22. Freedom of religion http://www.alliancedefensefund.....fault.aspx versus Well? #

  23. ACLU Defense of Religious Practice and Expression This is accurate. #

  24. By saying the ACLU is not mischaracterizing itself much if at all about "freedom of religion," I'm not saying I agree with the Constitution. #

  25. The U.S. Constitution attempts to be noncoercive concerning religion by avoiding a "state" religion but still sets up a coercive democracy. #

  26. The Alliance Defense Fund draws the line between Church and state in a different place than does the American Civil Liberties Union. #

  27. "...movement on policy is on what the banks have wanted. ...people...find it surprising that large banks still have that much power." Not I. #

  28. Banks don't have less power. They have more now than before the crash. That's why they caused it — to get more wealth, power, & control. #

  29. "Geithner insisted on an independent entity in his meeting with consumer advocates." What's he trying to do, redeem himself a bit or sucker? #

  30. Should the US Postal Service stop Saturday delivery? If they have to cut a day, why not make it Wednesday for homes. #

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