1. I'm now following . @ctuckerajc Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution #

  2. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, March 4, 2010 #

  3. Double-digit unemployment, interest rates, and inflation with a real L-shaped depression is possible. #

  4. The banksters borrow interest-free from the Fed. Rather then lending, they deposit it at the Fed that pays them 1% and defraud the people. #

  5. Banksters are living off: free money; high consumer interest rates, fees, & penalties; the carry trade; & Fed deposits; not business loans. #

  6. The banksters are still doing proprietary trading with exotic, shell-game, Ponzi scheme derivatives. They are breaking nations for greed. #

  7. The banksters are keeping the old bubble artificially inflated. The rate of governmental stimulus spending can't offset the lack of lending. #

  8. The banksters failed and should have failed (not starved mind you) and been replaced by United States Notes. #

  9. The toxic securities never should have been allow to come into existence; but they were & should have been marked to market & destroyed. #

  10. The foreclosed homes should not have been foreclosed but at the very least renegotiated at market value. #

  11. Banksters shouldn't be allowed to park interest-free, Fed funny-money while sitting on so many vacant homes while families live in tents. #

  12. Are you ready for the next wave in the crash? The Libertarians will blame spending rather than 1) on what? & 2) the banksters. #

  13. "Liberals" and Socialists didn't cause the crash. The banking deregulators, the finance capitalists, and the Wall Street speculators did. #

  14. I subscribed to TYTInterviews's channel on YouTube #

  15. The U.S. State Department never had international legal authority to grant immunity to Blackwater for war crimes at Nisoor Square in Iraq. #

  16. The Tea Party Is All About Race Not all, Bob Cesca #

  17. I rated a YouTube video (1 out of 5 stars) — Keep America Safe: Who Are The Al Qaeda Seven? #

  18. Hillary Clinton is so concerned about rights in Venezuela. She wouldn't have said a word about Honduras except for the "alternative" press. #

  19. Israel bar code #

  20. I've seen mixed info about the Israeli bar code starting with 729. I'm cautious about sanctions too. I don't want to harm anyone. #

  21. Are sanctions against Israel coming out from the spirit of punishment for Apartheid or to not facilitate Apartheid but peacefully to end it? #

  22. In addition, I don't want to reward Zionist behaviors that occurred up through to 1968. #

  23. The state of Israel cannot be for Jews as if superior to any ethnic group. No nation-state ought to be for an ethnic group as superior. #

  24. Ethnic bigotry is now and always has been evil. Being an ethnic does not render anyone inherently bad. #

  25. People have been denied airplane seats if they refuse full-body scans. The option of being manually wanded didn't last long. #

  26. If the U.S. House recognizes the Armenian Genocide, it will put pressure on Israel especially for its siege of Gaza. #

  27. Time Magazine says Switzerland is still "Keeping the Secrets of Alleged Tax Evaders." If the superrich didn't want it, it would be over. #

  28. Ahmadinejad is quoted saying, "September 11 was a big lie and a pretext for the war on terror and a prelude to invading Afghanistan." True. #

  29. AFP said, "in restive Tibet," recently, there "where violent protests against communist rule." What communism? China isn't communist. #

  30. "It is not so much that Israel's behavior is worse than...before,...the record..., finally, caught up with it." Norman Finkelstein #

  31. " efficacious method to fight anti-Semitism would appear to be for Israel to stop committing massacres." Norman Finkelstein #

  32. Paul Craig Roberts: A Religion Divided Against Itself - (via #

  33. Dissident Voice : Roberts Owes Iraqi People Apology - (via #

  34. Norman Finkelstein: Truth and Consequences in Gaza - (via #

  35. RIGHTS-US: Senate Debates Indefinite Detentions - IPS - (via #

  36. White House Postpones Picking Site of 9/11 Trial - - (via #

  37. U.S. lawmakers launch push to repeal NAFTA | Political Headlines | - (via #

  38. Depredation, bullying and killing the reality of humanity are the outcomes of the capitalist way of thinking: Ahmadinejad #

  39. Body scanners are headed to 11 major airports - - (via #

  40. Nobel Prize-Winning Economist [Joseph Stiglitz]: Federal Reserve System is Corrupt and Undermines Democracy - (via #


  42. The Money Masters #


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