The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement.


This is a long read but worth it. It is able to be speed read. The fact that unignited nanothermite was found throughout the dust in lower Manhattan after 9/11 is just not possible unless nanothermite had been earlier introduced into the three buildings that came down.

I watched nanothermite cut through solid steel. It was not necessarily "explosive" in the common parlance, although there were credible reports of explosions that day. Nanothermite might not have been the only means by which false-flag perpetrators could have brought down those buildings as a pretext for invading various countries. Timing the ignition of strategically pre-placed nanothermite starting from the plane-impacted floors down could certainly have brought down the buildings. It would also explain the molten iron pools that stayed molten for many weeks. What else could explain those pools of molten iron?

There has never been a credible answer from those who support the official governmental conspiracy theory that skyjackers did it all.    

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