Register a Work Party For 10/10/10

Register a Work Party For 10/10/10
The following is from, "Bill McKibben and the Team":

Before reading that though, I want you to realize that while Bill is right about Global Warming, the most important thing of all right now is to go head-to-head and face-to-face with the Global-Warming deniers (those who are spreading the dirty-fuel corporatist, Climategate-scandal nonsense). Frankly, the best paleoclimatologists should call out Christopher Monckton and the other leaders of the deniers to a formal debate (college-debating-team style — real rules) on live global TV and Internet streaming on the subject of Global Warming: On the theory of global warming, does science support, refute, or just place it in doubt? A subtext could cover whether warming could turn to cooling if the climate is thrown off enough by too much CO2. Also, the debate should be held in the U.N. General Assembly chamber.

Dear Friends,

Well, no one said it was going to be easy.

Last year, thanks to many of you, we built up e...    

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