Let me repeat what originated with me from the Holy Spirit. You can't delegitimize what wasn't legitimate in the first place. Please repeat it. Attribution will be appreciated.

First off, I'll be amazed if Google doesn't censor this from their Blog Search results. It appears that if I (others are allowed to) mention either Zionism or homosexuality (or the like) in the title of an article, the article is automatically filtered out of the Blog Search results. It shows up in regular Google search results though (very tricky from a corporation that complains about China's censorship). ( [It made it in. The Google filters are difficult to discern looking at them from the outside in with so little to go on. Perhaps "Zionist" is allowed in titles from me. Maybe they've lifted the block on "Zion..." from me. It's a moving target. They don't reveal their hand or communicate directly but only through search results.]

I had the following to say to a Neocon, self-styled Zionist-Christian on Facebook:

You are a Zionist, right? You're here because you want to argue about Israel's legitimacy. Do you have all the comebacks ready?

Katherine [last name deleted] used the terms "Jews," but you took that and made it a sweeping statement against all Jews. You didn't ask her if she's against the Jews, per se.

There are many Jews who don't like the Zionism that has shown forth in Israel. They know that the Palestinians, and especially right now the Gazans, have been just brutalized.

Do you defend the brutalization that has gone on? Do you defend the war crimes? Do you really believe that Jews calling themselves Zionists should have gone to Palestine and done what they have done: All the ethnic cleansing (extremely well-documented and admitted to by more and more Jews in Israel and around the world); all the destruction of villages; all the uprooting of even ancient, beautiful, food bearing olive trees; the taking over of ancient homes; the dumping of raw sewage; the imprisonment of tens of thousands; the clandestine development of nuclear weapons; the imprisonment of whistleblowers; and on and on and on?

Are you going to give a list of what the Palestinians did and are doing in reaction to all of that and claim that, that's your justification? Are you going to ask what we or I would do if rockets were being fired?

I didn't kill anyone, steal anyone's land or home, uproot anyone's livelihood, torture anyone, imprison anyone with or without benefit of trial, assassinate anyone, or spray white phosphorus on anyone (Shall I go on?) ...or drop millions of cluster bomblets on anyone. Shall I go on? Would you like to discuss the U.S.S. Liberty? Would you like to discuss the Zionists who were dancing in eye shot of the smoking Twin Towers? Would you like to discuss the tens of thousands of Jews in Hitler's military? Shall I go on?

You have your list, but we and I have lists too.

Here's what could have happened that didn't. The Jews could have moved into the area with no plan for a "Jewish" state but just to live as good neighbors: helpful, peaceful, understanding, compassionate, and all the other things that would disprove all of the real anti-Semites, anti-Jews, out there. Thank God there are Jews who do prove those anti-Jews wrong.

Now, you're a neocon-Zionist who is doing what has been called for under the Zionist directive, which is to go into every area on the Internet and argue for Zionism to wear down the opposition. However, let me explain that the more you do that, the more obnoxious.

You see, you really only have one right and ultimately workable course. You must repent of all the wickedness you've done to the Palestinian people who weren't and aren't perfect but who never deserved what you, the Christian [not]- and Jewish-Zionists and not all Jews, have done to them. In addition, you must atone. You must remove your Apartheid Wall. You must do everything in your power to make the Palestinians whole. That's right. I said you're not a Christian.

Do those things, and the world will sing your praises. Continued down your current path of taking more and more land and building more and more housing on that land and for Jews only, and watch the world devour them and you too, self-styled Christian-Zionist. It's happened before in Jewish history. You know the drill. It is written.

Peace, and may God bless the Jewish people with truth that is peace,

Tom Usher

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