The Five "Bank Wars"

Until the U.S. takes back its currency, until it nationalizes the Federal Reserve and declares Federal Reserve Notes to be interest-free United States Notes and uses those notes and new notes to pay off the National Debt in full, until the U.S. pegs the fiat money supply directly to real productivity of non-inflationary goods and services, until the U.S. completely extricates itself from the planned new reserve currency of the World Bank and IMF run by the global elitists who are the global publicly traded and privately held bankers, those bankers (banksters), whose heads are more often than not rabid false-Zionist-supremacists, will control the ultimate levers of hyper-militant, greedy, evil-authoritarian and depraved, worldly imperial power they use to beat down and privately own all the nations.

On the mundane level, it's the money to start with. This has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and everything to do with real Populism.

"The struggle by private persons to gain possession of the power to create our money is and ever has been the principle threat to our Republic since its founding. Its delegation to private individuals is the single greatest economic injustice. Once gained by private persons they inevitably attempt to use that money-creating power to enrich themselves and gradually to enslave the rest by the steady erosion of their rights and by the manipulation of economic laws and policies to ensnare the rest in debt." — .com/monetary-reform-act/the-five-%e2%80%9cbank-wars%e2%80%9d/    

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