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Obama and Clinton have appeared way too weak to rein in Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman.

The plan of the Zionists has been consolidation of the Intelligence Community and the destruction of the work of the Frank Church Committee and others so that abuses may occur with impunity. The Department of Homeland Security, for instance, clearly is a Zionist invention. The Zionists want all "law-enforcement," intelligence (including of course, the NSA illegally spying domestically), and military under their main mole as the Director of National Intelligence.

Of course, they have designs on the Presidency. They've wanted a Jewish Likudnik in the Oval Office. Al Gore actually won, and U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman was technically one heartbeat from the Presidency. Had Gore died or been assassinated, Iran would have been in cinders long ago.

It's true that the FBI has always had within it elements that have not liked one bit the Zionist Project's attempt to gain a stranglehold on the United States. The FBI, however, is far from free of Zionist infiltration. (See the recent FBI release of evidence that AIPAC is an agent of a foreign power that technically should be registered and regulated in the U.S. as such: s/prnewswire/2010/03/10/prnewswire201003101051PR_NEWS_USPR_____DC68258.html)    

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