Hundreds Of Americans File Complaints Over Naked Body Scanners


"...the documents reveal anger at TSA officials for refusing to offer passengers a pat-down alternative, as well as forcing children to go through machines which provide crisp images of genitalia, a particularly outrageous scenario in light of last week's story concerning a TSA worker who was charged with multiple child sex crimes having raped an underage girl."

"Not only have authorities in Europe promised to roll out mobile body scanners on the streets to mass scan crowds of people, but Homeland Security has even gone a step further, developing Orwellian mind-reading devices that are set to be installed as part of unconstitutional checkpoints at public events."

As I've mentioned before, the superrich don't go through any screening boarding their private jets that could easily be used in terrorist attacks. If they don't have to, no one should have to. No one should have to regardless.

I also predicted the use of these things on the streets. This is Future Shock now.

The people behind the false-flag attacks are behind all of this. They intend on making everyone (everyone they even allow to live) into nothing more than cyborg slaves. It's definitely anti-Christ.    

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