Robert Fisk: Into the terrifying world of Pakistan's 'disappeared' In the first of a series of


"All of the 200 we got released had been tortured. Initially, it was very ruthless – they were not allowed to sleep; there were beatings and thrashings; they were hanged upside down. There was loud music. There were actual torture rooms where the things were done to them. The prisoners told us they didn't think their torturers were human beings at all. The faces of the torturers, they said, were horrifying. It was no longer a real world for them. The torturers seemed so powerful, like monsters, so big."

"...they didn't think their torturers were human beings at all...." They weren't. Homo sapiens sapiens means wise men. Torture is done by the unwise. This is why the American people must stand firmly opposed to "THE ENEMY BELLIGERENT INTERROGATION, DETENTION, AND PROSECUTION ACT OF 2010."    

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