"Rupert Cornwell: Obama won't restrain Israel - he can't." His error has been not to think through the clout of America's pro-Israel lobby


"All you can say is, we've been here before. "Who the **** does he think he is? Who's the ******* superpower here?" Bill Clinton spluttered in fury to his aides back in 1996. The "he" in question was Benjamin Netanyahu, then as now the Prime Minister of Israel."

Who does he think he is? He thinks he's the head of the World Likud that is joined at the hip with the AIPAC, which is an umbrella organization of Jewish organizations in the U.S. that have historically been extremely single-minded and the members of which have poured millions and millions into buying strategic media and political power. Who's the superpower? The superpower is the one who calls the shots. The President of the U.S. doesn't call the shots. He does what he's told by those who do. The fact is that multi-billionaire Zionists call the shots. Their first loyalty is to themselves, and they see Israel as an exercise in ego for the bruising they took at the hands of the Nazis most recently but also down through the ages by all sorts of nations that very often ended up getting fed up with the Zionist style that predates the term "Zionism" by millennia.

The article severely underestimates the power of the Jewish Lobby to date.